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TROMjaro videos: Trade-Free Means….

tromjaro videos: trade-free means....

We are releasing a series of videos about TROMjaro to showcase the importance of “trade-free”. Since TROMjaro is nothing without this “concept” behind it, we want to make it clear why trade-free is the most important aspect of this operating system. There are a plethora of Linux distributions and reinventing the wheel is not something we want to do. This is why our “concept” is so important. Without it we would be just another Linux distro.
We filmed these videos over a period of weeks with a very good camera + lens, and with “equipment” that we ‘borrowed’ from Amazon:
  • a cheap tripod that can extend up to 180cm and allows for multiple rotations and positions
  • a big 120cm camera slider to get those perfect sliding shots
  • two manual camera stabilizers (these we barely used since they were not very useful)
  • a digital pen for the touchscreen
  • and a few more things
We are sending them all back since we don’t need them anymore. As a side note, it is crazy that we do not have a sharing system today where you can simply use such tools when you need them, instead of buying them and rarely using them. Such a waste of resources.
Overall this series of videos is meant to get the attention of those in the Open Source community and we will start to contact a lot of websites or Youtube channels and send them these videos and some info about TROMjaro. We hope to get more attention overall to what is unique about this Operating System: the trade-free idea. Ok. So. With these and with 0 experience in filming such videos, we gave it a try.

The first video is one that we filmed on top of a mountain with a telescope and an ASUS laptop/tablet + a telescope camera that was attached to the telescope, recording in real time the Moon. It is great that TROMjaro works so well with a touchscreen device. On the mountain it was very cold, dark, and super difficult to film. At first we thought the footage is not that great and we can’t use it much, but it turned out really great. We made no video manipulation for colors, brightness and such. It is exactly like we recorded it. Tio, Sasha, Seb and Gia were part of this filming “crew”. Enjoy!

We used the voice of the great and calm Jiddu Krishnamurti and a free (almost trade-free) song from Jamendo. To record the Moon through the telescope we used the GUV trade-free app.

This is the first video that we filmed and it was only Tio and Sasha filming it. It was also the most “scripted” one since we wanted to test a bunch of stuff, like how to switch between the angles. So basically we had to film the same exact scene multiple times, from multiple angles. It isn’t as easy as you may think. For one you have to remember to “act” in a similar way between the shots (walk the same way, open the laptop the same way, etc.), else you can’t connect the shots later on. Second, you have to find good angles so it doesn’t look all over the place. See the transition when Sasha comes near the table then sits down on the couch. That is one perfect angle switch. If it looks smooth, it is perfect. This is the only shot where we used the camera stabilizer. You need a lot of practice to figure how that works, so we decided not to use it for the other shots.

We used the voice of Stephen Fry from this Free Software Foundation campaign video, and a free (almost trade-free) song from Jamendo. Sasha was using LibreOffice Writer in the video. She actually uses that to write her massive book about her life for the past 10 years, traveling around the world with little to no money.

This video we shot with Aaron who is using TROMjaro since TROMjaro’s inception :). Interestingly he uses a MacBook Pro from 2012, and despite that TROMjaro works perfectly. Seb, Tio, and Sasha worked on filming this one. Aaron translates all of the TROM project and its babies into German and he does it all on TROMjaro. On top of this he creates videos for TROM and for his own website with Kdenlive, that is featured in the video. For this shot we tried some new filming techniques that worked pretty well, namely filming from above with a slider. You can see in the photos bellow how we achieved that.

We used the voice of Linus Torvalds and a free (almost trade-free) song from Jamendo.

This video is made up of two different videos that we filmed in different locations. One with Gia and one with Seb. While we slowed down the other videos from 60fps to 30fps, we decided not to do it for this one. The speech from this video is a bit more direct and at times “angry” so it fits better with the normal speed of the video. Gia helps with creating TROMjaro icons using the almost trade-free Vectr website – hopefully Inkscape will become easier to use for beginners so Gia can start using it since it is trade-free. Seb uses MacOS to record voice overs for TROM videos and create the TROM Poems. In this video he uses Audacity to showcase how easy it is to record videos on TROMjaro too. Filming Gia was very difficult since the room was quite small so we had to improvise :).

We used the voice of David Heinemeier Hansson and a free (almost trade-free) song from Jamendo.

In this video we filmed Tio working on tromsite.com and building TROMjaro in the terminal. Tio uses TROMjaro for all TROM work: websites, making TROMjaro itself, video and photo editing, and everything in between, including this website. Sasha did almost all of the filming, and Gia helped with the “behind the scenes” photos + other stuff. Seb and Aaron were there to help too with whatever they could. This video took us several good hours to film, more than any other video we did thus far.

We used the voice of Richard Stallman and a free (almost trade-free) song from Jamendo.

For this video we filmed Sofie using Sasha’s laptop-tablet, in tablet mode. TROMjaro works very well with touch screen devices, making it perfect for digital drawing, for example. The pen also worked out of the box with TROMjaro. Although Sofie helps designing icons for TROMjaro, she doesn’t yet use TROMjaro for the job, but iOS. The illustration that you see in the video is actually made by Sofie, but again in iOS. She uses Krita in the video, which is a trade-free and professional digital drawing application. In this regards, although Sofie doesn’t use TROMjaro for digital drawing, we showcase that TROMjaro is more than capable for this job, using a touchscreen device + pen and Krita as an example. Sofie does an impressive job when it comes to digital drawing!People who worked on the video: Tio, Sasha and Seb.

We used the voice of the great and calm Jiddu Krishnamurti and a free (almost trade-free) song from Jamendo.

Author: trom

A Trade-Free operating system based on Manjaro Linux. We think it’s easier to use than MacOS, better than Windows, more customizable than Android, and more secure than iOS. For Internet users, media editors/consumers, programmers, writers, designers, artists. Everyone!

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