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01. download

We provide two ISO images: a current one, and one previous to it (for backup/stability purposes). You can verify the checksum for any of them by following this link. The following are different download ‘mirrors’ containing the same files. Note: the admin password for the live ISO is “TROMjaro”.

02. flash

After you download the ISO (TROM-Jaro image file), you need to “flash” it to a USB stick. To do that use the proper tool for your operating system:

03. boot and test

Boot your computer into BIOS and change the boot order to make sure the USB flash drive is the first booting option. After you boot into TROM-Jaro you can see the fully functional Operating System in action. Test to see if everything works, like the WiFi, Bluetooth, track-pad, sound, etc.. If everything works then simply Install it by following the installer steps.
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