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We recommend that you keep an eye on our updates since, at times, you may need to manually do some changes to keep TROMjaro awesome ;). You can subscribe via RSS or EMAIL to get notifications about our releases.

RELEASE 03.09.2021

      • This is a quick release to fix the timeshift-autosnap package. Basically the previous ISO didn’t back up your system before doing the updates. First we recommend to delete the package timeshift-autosnap if you have it installed. Check the Add/Remove Software for that. Second we recommend that you install the timeshift-autosnap-manjaro. Lastly, go to etc/timeshift-autosnap.conf and open it as Administrator (right click). And simply change the line skipRsyncAutosnap=true to skipRsyncAutosnap=false. That’s it!

RELEASE 02.09.2021

A few changes and a few updates. Here are the changes:

      • We’ve added an RSS reader. NewsFlash. We recommend it!
      • We’ve added notifications for new TROMjaro releases via NewsFlash so that new TROMjaro users can get a notification every time we release a new ISO, since the changes we may do, can be important for the current TROMjaro users too. If you are already a TROMjaro user you can simple install NewsFlash then add our TROMjaro Releases RSS feed: https://www.tromjaro.com/category/releases/feed
      • We’ve added thumbnail support for webp images via the webp-pixbuf-loader package.
      • We have replaced the Bitmask VPN that was not really working, with the Riseup VPN. This is the only trade-free VPN we could find.

RELEASE 11.08.2021

A few changes and a few updates. Here are the changes:

      • We added a bunch of new and super nice wallpapers. If you wanna grab them you can find them all here.
      • We added the extension SponsorBlock to Firefox. It is an amazing ad-blocker that skips the ad-parts of youtube videos. We recommend that you tweak its settings the way it suits you best, old or new TROMjaro users. We only have enabled to auto-skip these parts and to work with our Invidious instance ytb.trom.tf.
      • We have added Touche, a great app that allows you to setup touchpad and touchscreen gestures. We’ve also added the X11 Gestures extension so that most used gestures are added as default.

RELEASE 25.07.2021

A few changes and a few updates. Here are the changes:

      • We have replaced Dash to Dock with Dash to Panel. This is the “apps bar”, left side. Dash to Panel has more options and seems to be better maintained. For current TROMjaro users, first uninstall Dash to Dock (search in the Add/Remove Software, or click here and disable it). Then install gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel. And if you have to configure it to look and behave like the default TROMjaro one, click here and grab the settings file. Then right click the Dash to Panel apps icon (the bottom one that opens up the apps section), and click Dash to Panel Settings. Now go to About and click Import File, and import the settings file.
      • We’ve also fixed the last TROMjaro ISO where the search bar was not displaying in the Dash. To do that, click here and open the settings of the extension then disable Hide Search.
      • We have removed 3 packages that are not needed anymore, and current TROMjaro users should delete them too (the upgrade may fail if you do not). The packages are: tromjaro-systemd-tweaks, tromjaro-gnome-shell-fix, tromjaro-branding.

RELEASE 14.07.2020

We have upgraded it fully to Gnome 40. A big change for Gnome. But not hugely visible for most users.

      • As said, we upgraded fully to Gnome 40. Now you can enjoy a faster desktop and a few changes in the Dash area. Poke it a bit see how it feels ;). From our tests everything works smoothly and we like the few visual tweaks Gnome added. The desktop feels a bit smoother and better polished.
      • We tweaked Firefox a bit more, and remove their “recommended” addons and pages. Go to Firefox – Settings and disable them if you are already a TROMjaro user.
      • We have removed the extension “Notifications Alert” and added “Gnome 40 UI Improvements” and enabled all of its settings except “Hide Search”. We think it is a good idea to have the search form visible by default.
      • For current TROMjaro users there might be a big with the Dash to Dock extension (the left side menu). If you see it behave strangely, please see this about how to fix it (it is very simple).
    • That’s all. TROMjaro should remain stable and not changing, unless there is a very useful addition to be made.

RELEASE 18.06.2021

Packing the latest Manjaro updates, plus we’ve also fixed some issues with the Calamares installer for small screens.



RELEASE 09.06.2021

This is simply a release with the latest Manjaro updates. Everything seems to work fine. No need to fix things that are not broken, so TROMjaro keeps it being stable, clean, functional. Enjoy!


RELEASE 10.05.2021

A few changes and a few updates. Here are the changes:

      • We moved again to the Zafiro-Git package to make it easier for us to update the main icon theme whenever we want. For current TROMjaro users, please go here and click ‘install`so it will remove the old Zafiro icon theme and install the git version. Then open your Tweaks and select the Zafiro icon theme for your icons.
      • We fixed some annoying errors with the dark theme that we use as default. Some QT applications were displaying a dark text on a dark background making it almost impossible to use such apps. To fix this go to you home folder and create a new empty file. Rename it as ‘.profile‘ and add the following to it then save it:
        export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=”qt5ct”
        export  QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=”kvantum-dark”
        Now log out and log in again. All should work fine.
      • We replaced the default image burner with MintStick. Click here to install it. The other image burner was not properly maintained, this is the reason we changed it.
      • We replaced two extensions. Scrovol with Volume Scroller, and Tweaks & Extensions in System Menu with Extensions & Tweaks in system menu.

RELEASE 10.04.2021

A few fixes and a few updates, notably the update to Gnome 40.

      • With this ISO the sudoers problems was fixed and now you do not need any special permissions to run commands as “sudo” in the terminal.
      • The Unite Extension seems to load from the get-go, so no need to restart the desktop anymore.
      • We added our own instances to the Privacy Redirect Firefox extension so that anyone can visit instagram, youtube, twitter, or any search engine as trade-free. No need to trade your data/attention to use this services. To fully use our trade-free apps see https://trom.tf/.
      • Overall another stable update and no changes to TROMjaro, because we want TROMjaro to be a stable and familiar distro that simply works!

RELEASE 14.03.2021

The normal updates + tiny little changes:

      • We replaced some of the Privacy Redirect Firefox plugin urls, with our own supported instances such as Bibliogram, Invidious, or Searx. See our new trom.tf mega-project where we provide trade-free alternatives to Youtube, Facebook, Google Docs and Drive, Dropbox, Wetransfer, and more. We plan to make webapps out of them all in the near future, for our TROMjaro ISO.
      • We fixed a bit the Terminal font.
Side note: on the first boot after the install, the Unite extension doesn’t load and so it is the case for Firefox’s settings. Either reboot the computer or refresh the desktop by pressing Alt + F2, write “r”, press enter. Or close Firefox and open it again. We do not know what causes this bug but it is easily fixable by simply restarting the computer, desktop, or Firefox. And it will work after that.


RELEASE 20.02.2021

A few changes and a few updates. Here are the changes:

      • A few tweaks to the Firefox New Tab.
      • We replaced the System Monitor with Gnome Usage, since the latter is a lot more user friendly and easy to use.
      • We replaced the Zafiro icon theme with the git version. This way we can push updates ourselves, whenever there are some new icon additions to the git package. Go here and install it. The go to Tweaks and select it again. Done.
      • We moved to a new repo location so make sure if you are a current user, to update your system.
Side note: on the first boot after the install, the Unite extension doesn’t load and so it is the case for Firefox’s settings. Either reboot the computer or refresh the desktop by pressing Alt + F2, write “r”, press enter. Or close Firefox and open it again. We do not know what causes this bug but it is easily fixable by simply restarting the computer, desktop, or Firefox. And it will work after that.

RELEASE 20.01.2021

A few changes and a few updates. Here are the changes:

      • We replace our main Notes application’s source, from feathernotes-git to feathernotes, so we recommend that you reinstall it form here after you remove the old one. We’ve also set it up so that it remembers the last opened note. If you are a TROMjaro user, go to PreferencesText and enable “Open the last note“.
      • We added OpenRGB, a great utility that supports many types of hardware. It allows you to change the RGB colors for keyboards, mouse, or other types of hardware.
      • We installed the Fuzzy App Search Gnome extension. This simple extension allows for “fuzzy” search inside the operating system (the Dash). In other words, if you type “ffirefx” it should be able to find the app Firefox. So you do not have to type the exact name of an app.

        Side note: on the first boot after the install, the Unite extension doesn’t load and so it is the case for Firefox’s settings. Either reboot the computer or refresh the desktop by pressing Alt + F2, write “r”, press enter. Or close Firefox and open it again. We do not know what causes this bug but it is easily fixable by simply restarting the computer, desktop, or Firefox. And it will work after that.

RELEASE 03.12.2020

        • We migrated to kernel 510. This is the latest long term release (LTS) kernel. The kernel is the core of the operating system, providing the drivers and all of these ‘goodies’. The newer the kernel, the better the compatibility with the hardware. So we highly recommend everyone to upgrade to the latest kernel. This is one in a year or more event, mind you. To upgrade, open the Manjaro Settings:

          Go to “kernel” and install the 5.10 version by simply clicking the “install” button. After the installation is done reboot your computer in order to use it. In the very first seconds of your computer rebooting, press SHIFT on your keyboard multiple times until you see a menu. Select the Advanced options, and then select the kernel 5.10.

          That’s all. From now on your computer will use the newer kernel. Congrats!
      • We greatly improved the TROMjaro installer (Calamares) in terms of the design. Now it looks very much like the entire TROMjaro OS, and makes it easier for people to follow the simple steps to install it.
      • We updated our SearX search engine, the default TROMjaro search engine. Now it is faster, more accurate, and more secure. If you are noticing that whenever you type something into the Firefox url bar, the search doesn’t go through the search engine and it simply opens up SearX, then go to Firefox – Preferences – Search. Scroll down and remove the TROMland SearX. Now visit the SearX engine again (https://tromland.org/searx/) and from the top url bar, the 3 dots, add it back to Firefox. Lastly, go back to Preferences and make it as default. That’s it.
        • We replaced the packages cups and hplip with manjaro-printer, because this package should contain all that is needed for printers to properly work.

Side note: on the first boot after the install, the Unite extension doesn’t load and so it is the case for Firefox’s settings. Either reboot the computer or refresh the desktop by pressing Alt + F2, write “r”, press enter. Or close Firefox and open it again. We do not know what causes this bug but it is easily fixable by simply restarting the computer, desktop, or Firefox. And it will work after that.

RELEASE 22.12.2020

Some important changes compared to the latest ISO + a few usual updates:

      • In the latest ISO Wayland (the desktop part of the operating system) was forced to be in use over Xorg (another, more robust and more tested). We realized that Wayland, although faster than Xorg (your computer will be faster with Wayland) is buggy. Several applications will not even open. So, we reverted back to Xorg.

        For the users who installed the latest ISOs and the system does not work properly, we recommend to move back to Xorg. It is very simple: go to Computer/etc/gdm and look for a file called custom.conf. If it is there, right click and Edit as Administrator. If it is not, create one by opening the gdm folder as administrator. If the file exist, make sure that the line WaylandEnable=false does not have a # in front of it. If it does, delete the #. Save the file, and reboot. That’s all. If you do not have the file, create one with the same name, and inside it paste these, save and then reboot:

        # GDM configuration storage[daemon]AutomaticLoginEnable=True# Uncomment the line below to force the login screen to use XorgWaylandEnable=false[security][xdmcp][chooser][debug]# Uncomment the line below to turn on debugging#Enable=true

      •  We added the package cups for printers. If you have a printer, you should install it as it is meant to allow for more printers to work with Linux.
      • We removed 2 Firefox Addons: HTTPS Everywhere (since Firefox has such a feature integrated into it – go to preferences -> privacy and security and enable HTTPS Only Mode in All Windows). Second, we removed the DAT extension since it is an outdated Addon that does not work with the new Hyper protocol. We look forward to add back the integration with the Hyper Protocol (the successor of the DAT protocol) when it will become available for Firefox.
      •  We improved Calamares a bit, in terms of design, to be more in line with TROMjaro. Calamares is the program that installs TROMjaro.

      Side note: on the first boot after the install, the Unite extension doesn’t load and so it is the case for Firefox’s settings. Either reboot the computer or refresh the desktop by pressing Alt + F2, write “r”, press enter. Or close Firefox and open it again. We do not know what causes this bug but it is easily fixable by simply restarting the computer, desktop, or Firefox. And it will work after that.

RELEASE 05.12.2020

This release is only about Manjaro’s updates. Nothing more than that :). Just to keep the TROMjaro ISO very hot ;).

RELEASE 03.12.2020

A few changes and a few updates. Here are the changes:

      • We fixed a few icons and created a bunch more that we hope to be added to the main Zafiro icon theme pack by the developers of it. You can always grab the latest icons from here, and add the entire folder to your home/.local/share/icons/zafiro-icon-theme. That’s all. When the developers update the icon theme, the update will be pushed automatically to all TROMjaro users.
      • We added a password manager: KeePassXC. We tested this password manager for the past several years and it seems to be the best and easiest to use. We truly recommend this. We also installed a Firefox extension that integrates KeePassXC with the browser, so that your passwords are saved offline, on you computer, and encrypted. To set all of this up, it is super simple: open KeePassXC and create a new “database” (click, create). Then open your Firefox and click the KeePassXC Addon button (top-right corner).

        Then simply click connect. That’s it.
      • We added a Weather app because we believe it is good to know that Climate Change is a thing :D.
      • We fixed an issue with the Firefox’s top bar. Go to Firefox’s menu -> Customize. Then enable the Title Bar,
Side note: on the first boot after the install, the Unite extension doesn’t load and so it is the case for Firefox’s settings. Either reboot the computer or refresh the desktop by pressing Alt + F2, write “r”, press enter. Or close Firefox and open it again. We do not know what causes this bug but it is easily fixable by simply restarting the computer, desktop, or Firefox. And it will work after that.


RELEASE 20.11.2020

Another Manjaro big update.
Side note: on the first boot after the install, the Unite extension doesn’t load and so it is the case for Firefox’s settings. Either reboot the computer or refresh the desktop by pressing Alt + F2, write “r”, press enter. Or close Firefox and open it again. We do not know what causes this bug but it is easily fixable by simply restarting the computer, desktop, or Firefox. And it will work after that.

RELEASE 10.11.2020

Mostly Manjaro-pushed updates, and a few tweaks we did to keep our release synced with Manjaro.

      • We fixed the black text in the terminal. We updated some Gnome extensions, added a few base-level packages and a few more things. All of the changes can be tracked via our Gitlab. As said, they are mainly changes to keep up with Manjaro’s changes. Noting to do for current TROMjaro users. Just keep your system up to date ;).

RELEASE 25.10.2020

A few updates, mainly moving from Nvidia 450xx to Nvidia 455xx. Previous users are not required to do anything.

Side note: on the first boot after the install, the Unite extension doesn’t load. Either reboot the computer or refresh the desktop by pressing Alt + F2, write “r”, press enter. We do not know what causes this bug but it is easily fixable by simply restarting the computer, or desktop. And it will work after that.


RELEASE 16.10.2020

A few changes and a few updates. Here are the changes:

      • We added back the Firefox ‘Dat P2P Protocol‘ Addon.
      • We replaced the SciHub addon with SciHub Now! which allows users to manually change the SciHub url in case one domain is blocked.
      • We removed the ‘popular websites’ from the Firefox url since they were promoting trade-based websites. To do that, go to a new tab in Firefox, write about:config, then search for ‘browser.urlbar.suggest.topsites’ and toggle it “false” by double clicking it.
Side note: on the first boot after the install, the Unite extension doesn’t load. Either reboot the computer or refresh the desktop by pressing Alt + F2, write “r”, press enter.  We do not know what causes this bug but it is easily fixable by simply restarting the computer or desktop. And it will work after that.

RELEASE 04.10.2020

A few changes and a few updates. Here are the changes:

      • We accidentally removed the Firefox ‘Dat P2P Protocol‘ Addon. It was not worth rebuilding the ISO just for adding it back, but we recommend leaving it there if you already have TROMjaro installed, and if you use this ISO simply follow the link above and install it. We apologize and we will bring it back in the next ISO release.
      • We installed the  “Privacy Redirect” Firefox extension. The extension redirects popular trade-based websites such as youtube, instagram, twitter and google maps, to their trade-free alternatives. Since at times these alternatives do not work, we disabled its functionality by default. You can enable these “redirects” by simply clicking the top “eye” icon in Firefox and choosing what to redirect and what not. We are keeping a close eye on the development of this Addon and we will even try to provide instances for these alternative trade-free services, so that we make it more robust.
Side note: on the first boot after the install, the Unite extension doesn’t load and so it is the case for Firefox’s settings. Either reboot the computer or refresh the desktop by pressing Alt + F2, write “r”, press enter. Or close Firefox and open it again. We do not know what causes this bug but it is easily fixable by simply restarting the computer, desktop, or Firefox. And it will work after that.

RELEASE 09.09.2020

Manjaro based updates plus:

      • We removed all of the SearX instances from Firefox, except our TROMland instance that we can make sure it always works. However, we added https://searx.neocities.org/ as a secondary option, which is a meta-search for SearX. Basically, it uses random SearX instance, which is much better than always replacing them in TROMjaro. To add this to your TROMjaro, visit https://searx.neocities.org/, click the Firefox’s 3 dots to the right of the URL, then click the Add the search engine to Firefox. To use it or remove the other Search instances, go to Firefox’s menu – preferences.

RELEASE 30.08.2020

A few other changes and a few updates. Here are the changes:

  •  We removed the bookmarks from Firefox that were redirecting to our tromsite.com project (books, videos, etc.). Although these are trade-free and important services, we do not want to appear as if we “promote” them. So they are removed. We may create WebApps out of some of these and ship with TROMjaro if these WebApps are useful for the general TROMjaro users, not a niche.
  • We installed linux54-headers package. Could be useful, so we recommend you install it.
  • We installed Bitmask, a trade-free VPN Client. Though the trade-free Bitmask application, you can connect to several VPN providers in order to access geo-restricted content and/or to protect your traffic from your Internet Provider. Bitmask works very well with Calyx, a trade-free VPN service offered by The Calyx Institute as part of its non-profit mission. Open Bitmask, click “create new account“, then click the “+” to add a new VPN. Write “calyx.net” as the Domain, then click “next“. Register an account with calyx.net in the next page, and that’s it. Remember your credentials. You can create as many accounts with calyx.net as you want. Turn on the VPN. Now your traffic will be routed through the Calyx VPN.If you want, go to Tweaks, then Startup Applications, click the + sign, and add Bitmask so that it will automatically start when the computer starts.

RELEASE 16.08.2020

Again a release for the sake of updates. And a few minor changes:

      • We added some very cool new backgrounds. For old users, you can find them here.
      • We added the package linux54-zfs. You can install it if you wish. It may be helpful for some. Read more here about it.
      • We updated the SearX instances again. We now have our own SearX instance thanks to our new project TROMland. So far the instance works very well and we want to keep it the default search engine in TROMjaro since we can guarantee that this is a trade-free instance. If you are an old TROMjaro user simply visit our instance here, and click the Firefox’s 3 dots to the right of the URL bar, then “Add search Engine”. The go to Firefox’s Menu -> Preferences -> Search, and make our instance as default.
      • Since Firefox now supports the addition of custom search engines, we removed the addon “add custom search engine“.

RELEASE 20.07.2020

This is mainly a release for updates purposes. A lot of updates pushed by the Manjaro team. On top of that a few additions/changes:

      • We added the following packages that we recommend you install: zfs-utils, apparmor, disable-tracker.
      • We updated the searx instances for Firefox. We will always do that to make sure the best are added to the list, but we won’t always list the ones we added since it does not make a big difference. We recommend you go to searx.space, and select whatever instance you would like (the ones on top are better) – click any, then use the URL’s menu (the 3 dots) to simple “add it”. It is super easy to add any searx instance in TROMjaro. As of this update we recommend https://searx.be/ as the main instance. To make it the default instance, go to Firefox’s menu -> preferences -> search.

RELEASE 07.07.2020

A few changes and a few updates. Here are the changes:

      • We removed the Firefox ‘recommended extensions‘ from the Addons page, since Firefox will often recommend trade-based extensions. For current users: go to a new Firefox tab and write ‘about:config‘. Press enter. Then click ‘accept the risks and continue‘. In the search box search for ‘extensions.htmlaboutaddons.recommendations.enabled‘ and disable it by toggling the disable button like you see bellow.


  •  We replaced some screenshots for the TROMjaro Installer to reflect our latest changes to TROMjaro.
  • We removed the extension “Search by Image” from Firefox, since it was using Google, Bing and other trade-based services. Yes, using our version of Firefox, users would have been protected from trading their data/attention to these entities, but it would be better for us to find a trade-free alternative. This extension allows you to reverse-search for an image, which is useful, but maybe not that essential. In any case, as soon as we will find a trade-free alternative, we will add it to TROMjaro.
  • We enabled by default a dark theme for the great qTox messenger that TROMjaro comes pre-installed with. The theme matches the rest of the OS.
  • Finally, we enabled for the installation of flatpaks directly from our APPS library. This is really great since it opens up more apps for us to recommend. Now users can very easily install AUR, from Repositories, or Flatpaks directly from our APPS library. And you can’t tell the difference since the process is all the same and super simple. Of course, users can also install AppImages in TROMjaro. So, with Repositories, AUR, Flatpaks and AppImages, pretty much any Linux application can be installed on TROMjaro from our APPS library. Current users must install ‘web-installer-url-handler‘ to enable it. After enabling it, test it with this VLC package. Firefox will ask you to open with the ‘Web Installer‘. You can select to make it open with it by default, then click ‘remember my choice‘. It should work.
That’s all for now. We are trying to keep TROMjaro the same. Simple. No nonsense. Trade-Free.

RELEASE 01.06.2020

This release simply pushes the latest Manjaro updates plus a few Firefox tweaks to make Firefox more trade-free. Firefox by itself is not a trade-free application since Firefox is getting paid by other companies to choose a specific default search engine – considering that most people do not change the default browser search engine and that search is an integral part of any browser, then Firefox wants a trade from users (their attention and data). Firefox is also pushing their own paid services and/or collects data for various purposes. We tweaked all of these to remove the trades, and now we did a few more.

      • We removed the Firefox Pocket service. This is a freemium service from Mozilla and they were pushing it in every tab. For current TROMjaro users simply open a new Firefox tab and write “about:config“. Then click “Accept the Risk and Continue“. Now search for “extensions.pocket.enabled” and click the toggle to disable it. As such:


  •  We also remove the Firefox account since they were pushing their Firefox Send and such, that also offer premium accounts. Same as above, for current users, search for “identity.fxaccounts.enabled” and disable it.
  • Firefox is notifying users about what’s new in new versions of Firefox, but at times they include their own trade-based services in the notifications and/or features that we disabled like new Pocket features. For that matter we disabled it. Search for “browser.messaging-system.whatsNewPanel.enabled” and disable if you are a current TROMjaro user.
  • Lastly, we added the wireless drivers for MacBooks (or most MacBook models). The package is “broadcom-wl-dkms“.
Side Note: the previous bug with Firefox not enabling our tweaks when you first open it, seems to be gone.

RELEASE 01.06.2020

This time we released a bigger ISO with more updates (mostly coming from the Manjaro Stable branch). Here are the updates/changes that matter the most:

    •  We strive to keep a very simple desktop with few apps installed by default. But we felt that we were missing two that can be essential for most users: Clocks and Contacts. These two are very simple apps, but can be useful if users need a list of their contacts that will integrate into the desktop (for example connecting with your NextCloud instance, will import contacts into your desktop Contacts). Clocks lets you add multiple clocks from around the world to keep track of different time-zones, or you can set up alarms or have access to a stopwatch. Basic tools.
    • The Default Firefox Search Engine: this one is a big improvement! Instead of using the trade-based DuckDuckGo or other limited search engines, we are now using by default SearX. SearX is an open source search engine that anyone can install on their server. It is as private as you can get and can aggregate searches from many search engines such as google, duckduckgo, yahoo, bing and the like, but it removes any trackers and ads before delivering the results to you. You do not trade to this search engine! Period. The fantastic part is that you can search by categories such as files, news, images or map. Even by ‘science’ in order to find scientific articles. More to that, whenever possible it will open the scientific articles with SciHub or other platforms that break the paywalls of trade. You can tweak this search engine too, any way you want. So, because we cannot add SearX directly into Firefox, we added 10 of the best instances that we tested. You can find a list of these instances here. We added the following instances: https://searx.privatenet.cf/, https://search.snopyta.org/https://searx.be/, https://search.mdosch.de/, https://searx.tuxcloud.net/, https://searx.ninja/, https://searx.info/, https://searx.rasp.fr/, https://searx.decatec.de/, https://search.disroot.org/. We used the Firefox Addon  ‘Add Custom Search Engine’ to add them and since that Addon is installed on TROMjaro’s Firefox, it means that you can add any instance on top of those. Simply click the Addon (search icon) in Firefox and follow the simple instructions. The best thing is that now you have 10 search engines, and all are the same, and all are fast and smart and trade-free. And independent from each other. If one doesn’t work, you can use the other one. When you type in Firefox’s URL bar to search for something, you will see 10 small search icons bellow that. If you click any, it will open with the selected SearX instance. If you just hit enter, it will use the default SearX instance that is set up in Firefox. This is finally a long term solution for TROMjaro’s default Search Engine and we are so happy with it.
    • We removed Font Finder from the pre-installed apps since it is using the Google Fonts. Despite the fact that we still consider this a trade-free application, it is not as “pure” as to include it by default with TROMjaro. But anyone can install it from our apps library.
    • We replaced the default cursor theme with the Breeze theme. Previous users can simply install it and replace it from the Tweaks. We are using this cursor because it fits better with our desktop theme and it has better visibility on multiple types of backgrounds.
    • We added the package ‘hardcode-fixer‘ so that in the future some apps that do not play well with custom icons, will play well with custom icons. And the package ‘manjaro-zsh-config‘.

There are two known bugs with this ISO that are easy to get around: when you first boot into the Live ISO or after you install TROMjaro, the extension Unite does not load. This extension removes the top bar of apps’ windows when they are maximized. The other bug is that Firefox does not load all of the Addons when you first open it. Both can be easily fixed with a restart of the desktop: press ALT + F2, write ‘r’ and then press enter. Or restart the computer. Or close Firefox and open it again. We do not know why these are happening but they do not persist. It is only an issue when you first boot after the installation.

Not related to the ISO itself, but you can now subscribe to receive email updates whenever we release a new ISO or via RSS.

RELEASE 05.05.2020

On top of the usual updates of the system that come mainly from Manjaro and are available for all current users, we changed the following:

  • Fixed a few small bugs such as the Gedit text editor was by default highlighting the “current line” and it was doing it with a white color over white text, making it impossible to read. We deactivated that. Current users got the change via their software center.
  • We enabled ‘Ctrl + C’ and ‘Ctrl + V’ for the terminal – just an easier way to copy paste into the terminal. The change was pushed to all users.
  • The ‘No Topleft Hot Corner‘ Gnome extension was removed since now the Tweaks app allows users to do just that: to deactivate that hot corner. Just click the above link and remove it. The change for Tweaks was pushed to all users.
  • We changed the file browser to sort folders before files and do not show by default the hidden files and folders. Again, the change was pushed to all users.
  • We changed the default favorite apps (only for new users that will use this ISO) to be as follows: Firefox, Files, Notes, and Add/Remove software. We think these are the most used and useful apps for newcomers.
  • In ‘Backups’ (or Deja Dup) the default ‘saving location’ was Google Drive. We changed that to ‘local’. We don’t want to advertise such trade-based companies. Unfortunately we could not remove Google from there but we contacted the developers and as soon as we know how, we will do it.
  • Speaking of that in Settings, under Online Accounts, you could see Facebook, Google, and the like. This is a feature in Gnome to quickly allow users to connect with their online accounts. We finally got rid of that and removed all of these trade-based services and only kept 2 that are trade-free. The changes were pushed to all users.
  • We improved how we handle our icon theme. You see, we make new icons all the time but it takes a while for the developer of the icon theme to push the updates into the official release. Therefore from now on we will push all of the new icons into the new ISO releases by simply copying all of our original icons into the folder ‘Home/.local/share/icons/zafiro-icom-theme/apps/scalable‘. It is a quick fix for now and we may create a package to do this automatically for all users so that they get access to the latest icons that we make. For current users you can do that by simply downloading our icons from here, and copy them all in the above folder (if you have no such folder, create it). If you need any help, use our live chat.
  • In Fierfox we improved a bit the Speed Dial page (added a few new links and icons for all links) + we replaced the Addon ‘Go to Sci-Hub‘ with ‘Sci-Hub Now!‘. It seems that such Addons that offer trade-free access to scientific articles get removed or are removed from Firefox’s Addons (or stop working), so we need to fix this almost every release.
  • In the Dash to Dock extension we set it up so that on scroll, you can circle through multiple windows of the same app. This should be pushed to all users as well.
  • We are constantly improving the default TROMjaro experience (for new users) and the default settings and apps are always a priority. We are therefore looking for the best, simplest and most functional default apps to ship TROMjaro with. Now we have changed a few:

    – We replaced GNote as our default note taking app, with FeatherNotes. After testing many notes taking apps, FeatherNotes seems best suited for now. It is super easy to use for anyone, supports basic text formatting, auto save, import images, search and replace, zoom into text, and more. We did some tweaks to make it integrate better with TROMjaro. If you want to, you can also use our tweaks. Copy this folder into your ‘Home/.config‘ folder.

    – We replaced Kazam as the default screen recorder, with Peek. Kazam is not developed anymore and it was a bit buggy on some systems. Peek is actively developed and it is dead simple to use for anyone who want to quickly record an area of their screen and save as video or gif.

    – We replaced Audio Recorder with Sound Recorder, because the latter seems to work better and is more simple.

Overall there are not very many changes, mostly bug fixes and maintenance. And that’s how we want TROMjaro to be. To not change as much. To be a stable and recognizable OS and let the users customize it as much as they want to. The default apps are the main changes we may do in the future, to make sure that out of the box newcomers can use TROMjaro for most of their tasks without installing anything.

A small note: one of the Gnome Shell extensions that we use, Unite, has a bug with the little top tray icons you see in the right side of the screen, and in some cases it may render them in a bad way. The bug is reported here and we hope the developer will fix it soon.

Another week, another update. Things we changed:

  • We removed the TROMjaro GDM theme. This is basically the "log in" screen theme that Dave helped to build, but since Dave cannot help with TROMjaro anymore and the theme was not updated in months, resulting in some visual artifacts, we recommend that you remove it. Simply go to Add/Remove Software and search for "tromjaro-gdm-theme" and remove it. Do not worry, the log in screen will look almost the same as before.
  • The login screen may display a big TROMjaro logo. The updates we pushed should remove that logo. If, after a restart and the latest updates, you still see that logo there and you hate it, open the terminal and paste this line "sudo rm /usr/share/icons/manjaro/maia/tromjaro-logo.png" - enter, then add your password and enter again. Should be gone now.
  • We reverted back to the original Zafiro icon pack. Please go to the Zafiro icon page here, and install it. It will automatically remove the "bad" Zafiro icon theme and install the good one. If you can't see the changes go to your Tweaks, select a different icon pack, then select Zafiro again. Done.
  • We installed the "pamac-gnome-integration" package. This allows for users to right click any app in the side bar or the app menu, and then "show details" to open that app in the Software Center. It is an easy way to see more info about an app or uninstall an app.

This is a very small update to fix an issue with WebTorrent that didn't allow for users to change anything in 'preferences'. And because of that torrent files were downloaded in the 'temp' folder creating a lot of mess. That folder is 'temporary' so whatever one downloaded there it would have been deleted soon. Also, other apps would not have been able to work properly since the 'tmp' folder would have been full. Nevertheless we opted in for a different webtorrent version. So, the only thing one has to do is to go to Webtorrent page here to install the proper Webtorrent app. Don't worry, in the process it will remove the old Webtorrent + your settings will still be in place. Before you do this, please quit Webtorrent if you have it open - File - Quit. That's all!

Since the previous release some updates broke TROMjaro's desktop environment a bit. To make sure you update TROMjaro properly please read this article. This update is mainly for 'update' reasons but we also changed and added a few things here and there. We will not list the changes that are already listed in the article above, so please read that if you want to see what we updated to fix the desktop. #2c2e33;">.

  • We replaced SMplayer and Exaile with Parole as the default video/audio player. We want to keep TROMjaro very user friendly and SMplayer and Exaile were a bit too complicated for the average user, providing a lot more options than most people probably need. Parole is a very simple player and super easy to use for both video and audio files. Of course, anyone can install SMplayer and Exaile from our trade-free apps library.
  • We replaced the old and not-working-anymore 'Sci-hub' Firefox extension with the 'Go to Sci-Hub' extension.
  • We removed Google from the list of Firefox search engines and added a few more that are trade-free: MetaGer Search, Mojeek, Peekier, and Searx.
  • We added the font-finder app so that we make it easier for people to install fonts in TROMjaro. We also added GColor.
  • We added gnome-shell-extension-unite and gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock as packages and not extensions for better compatibility. If you already have TROMjaro installed you can simply install them again.
  • We added GNote since we lacked a note-taking app.
  • We added Kazam and Audio Recorder since we think these tools are essential to any operating system (for the users to be able to record audio/video).
  • We also lacked an app that allows people to communicate, so we added the great qTox messenger that provides text/video/audio decentralized chats.
  • Finally we added a wonderful app called Marble. It is both a maps tool, and also an educational one.
  • We enabled flatpak support in Add/Remove software. This opens up more applications in the software center. Install it from here pamac-flatpak-plugin if you already have TROMjaro. We highly recommend you to install it since soon we will be able to allow users to install flatpak applications straight from our app library, so you need this package. We also enabled it by default in the new TROMjaro release. To enable it manually go to Add/Remove Software, click the Menu icon, then Preferences. Add your password then navigate to the Flatpak tab. Enable it as such.
  • We installed some drivers for printers' support. hplip-minimal to be more exact.
NOTE: There is a minor bug with the latest ISOs - the extension 'unite' is deactivated when you first boot the system after a fresh install. To fix it, press Alt+F2, write 'r' (just the letter), and enter. That's all.

This release is mostly (almost all of it) about 'updates'. We are trying to release a new TROMjaro ISO every month so that new users get to test and install an updated version of TROMjaro. Past users get these updates automatically. However, on top of these updates we may push little changes that we will always list with the release. For this release we did the following:


  • Enabled the pinch-to-zoom in Firefox for touchscreen devices. If you already have a touchscreen device we recommend you do that too since it greatly improves the zoom ability for websites. Go to about:config (write that in the URL bar) and search for 'setting apz.allow_zooming'. Click it to enable it.
  • We added a new Gnome Extension: "Zorin Screen Keyboard Button" to easily access the virtual keyboard when you are using a tablet-computer.

This update deals mainly with keeping TROM-Jaro updated for those who want to install it from scratch. From time to time we will update the iso for the sake of having an updated TROM-Jaro for security and compatibility reasons. However, on top of that we added/improved the following:

  • Added the kernel-alive package to make sure that when people update the kernel, the update won't break the current session. Normally it is recommended to restart the computer after a kernel update, but with this package it is not necessary to do that unless you want to use the new kernel updates. Previous TROM-Jaro users can click the above URL and install the package.
  • Switched to the new Kernel 5.4 LTS. This is a Long Time Support kernel (LTS). It is a rare event that happens every few years. We recommend that old TROM-Jaro users update to the new kernel. It is very easy. Install manjaro-settings-manager (another new package that we added to this new ISO). Open it. Go to 'Kernel'. Then, where it says kernel 5.4 (xx) LTS, click install.
    Once the installation is complete simply reboot the computer. That's all.
  • We added a Sound Switcher Gnome extension so it is easier to change the sound output (speakers/headphones) and sound input (microphone) directly from the top right bar. Previous TROM-Jaro users can click the above URL, then enable it.
  • We replaced the Volume Scroll Gnome extension with Scrolvol because Scrolvol is better maintained/updated. They do the same thing, allowing users to change the volume by scrolling on top of the top bar. Scrolvol only works when you scroll on the top right (indicators) part of the top bar. We may try to make it work with the entire top bar in the future. Previous TROM-Jaro users can simply disable the Volume Scroll extenssion and enable the Scrolvol.
  • We made WebTorrent open the video files that it cannot play, with SMplayer by default, instead of VLC. This is a bug in WebTorrent that doesn't let you change the default player from its preferences so we had to do it manually. Previous TROM-Jaro users can do that by navigating to Home/.config/WebTorrent (if you can't find the folder press Ctrl + H to see the hidden folders) and simply edit the file called 'config.json' with the default text editor. At the line  'externalPlayerPath': '' add /usr/bin/smplayer so it looks like 'externalPlayerPath': '/usr/bin/smplayer'. Save and that's it.
  • We added some packages and custom configs to Firefox to make TROM-Jaro work better with touchscreen devices. Autorotation or touch gestures for Firefox are some of the improvements we added. If you are already using TROM-Jaro and have a touchscreen device, use our chat support so we can help you do these changes.

This is a major release because we have re-organized everything behind how TROMjaro is created in the back-end. Not much has changed for the front-end users except that they should migrate to our new repository.


What did we improve?

All of our TROMjaro project is now on GitLab thanks to Dave who worked like crazy to make TROMjaro properly organized and functional. On top of that, we added a few packages from AUR and made a few of our own mainly to brand Manjaro with our own TROMjaro flavor. The GDM, the GRUB, the Installer, they all have a TROM scent!


In essence we did this:

  • Removed Manjaro branding and replaced it with TROM branding.
  • Moved our repository to TROM Cloud and we are now using a mirror-list rather than a simple URL for it. This way, we can properly manage our repository from TROM Cloud and add multiple repository locations, so in case one is down, another one will work.
  • We made an 'app' for our TROM Cloud that now resides in our repo - this is mainly for our TROM Teams.
  • We now store the Gnome settings in 'schema' files on GitLab in order to fix a major bug: previously if the user selected the language, timezone, keyboard layout and so forth on installation, all of these settings would have been rewritten after the installation was done. No more! We also used to drag a lot of Gnome Settings garbage with how we used to store the Gnome Settings in the past. No more!
  • We fixed an error with Gnome Tweaks that disabled all Gnome Extensions on user logout.
  • We added a custom slider for the TROMjaro installer describing what TROMjaro is all about and a bit about the trade-free idea.
  • We now use the default Gnome apps categorization for TROMjaro so that each app goes to its proper folder after installation.
  • Because we realized that the last iso was too minimal and not-so-computer-savvy-users found it difficult to use it without installing a bunch of apps, we made sure that this time, most of the user's needs are covered. We installed applications that allow users to open the most common files (audio, video, photo, documents, torrents). You can find the list on our new TROMjaro homepage https://www.tromjaro.com/.
  • We tweaked Firefox a bit, removed some extensions and added a few others. Most notably, we implemented the DAT decentralized network into Firefox by default, which allows people to open .dat websites 'natively'.

What do previous users have to do?

First of all, you have to understand that we want a TROMjaro that doesn't change from one release to another. We want to create the foundation of a house and let the user put the furniture in and all of that. Make it comfy for themselves. But we needed to do this foundation properly and we think that now we got it. So that's how TROMjaro will look like from now on, as this last iso is.


That being said, you MUST do this:

  1. Update the repository database. Go to your Add/Remove Software and click the menu button. Then click Refresh Databases:

  2. It will ask you for your password then it will update the repositories. After it is done search for 'tromjaro-mirrorlist' in the Add/Remove Software. Find it and install it. That should be it! Close the Add/Remove Software then open it again- Refresh the databases one more time. Now you have access to the new TROMjaro repository.

What else can you do? To use our custom branding, some fixes we made, and the DAT network, install the following (search for them in Add/Remove Software):

  • tromjaro-gdm-theme
  • tromjaro-gnome-shell-fix
  • grub-theme-tromjaro
  • dat-fox-helper-git

To summarize for previous users:

  • We changed where our repository resides so please update that.
  • We added some TROMjaro branding so you can also add that to your system.
  • We added a few default apps that you can find on tromjaro.com homepage from where you can also install them if you want to.
  • We removed/added some Firefox extensions - all of the default extensions are listed on the same tromjaro.com homepage (click any extension to install it if you desire).

That's all! We are available on TROMjaro Support Chat if you need us.

In this release we cleaned-up the distribution a bit and enabled the support for installing applications directly from tromjaro.com. We thought that since now it is super easy to install our recommended trade-free apps from the website, there is little use for us to install many applications by default. We want to keep the ISO as minimal as possible and let people decide what applications they want installed on their system. We only kept the basic and most functional apps that are crucial for the system, such as backups, settings and tweaks, and the like.

In brief:

  • We removed/added a few Firefox addons. From now on we will only add the most basic Firefox addons that protect the users from the online trades that they are forced to engage in. So we are blocking ads and trackers + unlock scientific articles that are hidden behind paywalls. We will start to add recommended Firefox addons to our tromjaro.com/apps so we treat it like we treat the main distribution, with the same goal in mind: let users choose how to customize their Firefox.
  • We removed a bunch of apps from the system, like LibreOffice, Webtorrent, and the like, only leaving the most basic ones in place.
  • We removed a few Gnome extensions since we will also start to curate/recommend them on our tromjaro.com/apps page. Let the user choose!
  • We added support for installing applications from tromjaro.com/apps or any website that wants to implement it. Here is the package that allows for such a feature.
  • We removed some packages to make the distribution lighter, including some Manjaro branding.
  • Overall we reduced the size of the ISO from 2.2GB to 1.6GB.
  • We added 3 more backgrounds.

For the next release we aim to store the Gnome Settings in a much better manner so that the install configs (language, keyboard layout, location and hour) are not overwritten like they are now. We will also add our own branding to the distribution. We wanted to do both of these for this release but we did not have the man power to do them :D.

NOTE: For previous TROM-Jaro users there is nothing special you have to do except updating the TROMrepo (since we removed some packages) - open the terminal and copy paste 'sudo pacman -Syu' - enter, then add your password. Second, add this line in the terminal 'sudo pacman -Syu pamac-url-handler --overwrite /usr/bin/pamac-url-handler' (enter) - so that you better enable the support for the web-installer. That's all.

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