In this release we cleaned-up the distribution a bit and enabled the support for installing applications directly from We thought that since now it is super easy to install our recommended trade-free apps from the website, there is little use for us to install many applications by default. We want to keep the ISO as minimal as possible and let people decide what applications they want installed on their system. We only kept the basic and most functional apps that are crucial for the system, such as backups, settings and tweaks, and the like.


In brief:


  • We removed/added a few Firefox addons. From now on we will only add the most basic Firefox addons that protect the users from the online trades that they are forced to engage in. So we are blocking ads and trackers + unlock scientific articles that are hidden behind paywalls. We will start to add recommended Firefox addons to our so we treat it like we treat the main distribution, with the same goal in mind: let users choose how to customize their Firefox.
  • We removed a bunch of apps from the system, like LibreOffice, Webtorrent, and the like, only leaving the most basic ones in place.
  • We removed a few Gnome extensions since we will also start to curate/recommend them on our page. Let the user choose!
  • We added support for installing applications from or any website that wants to implement it. Here is the package that allows for such a feature.
  • We removed some packages to make the distribution lighter, including some Manjaro branding.
  • Overall we reduced the size of the ISO from 2.2GB to 1.6GB.
  • We added 3 more backgrounds.

For the next release we aim to store the Gnome Settings in a much better manner so that the install configs (language, keyboard layout, location and hour) are not overwritten like they are now. We will also add our own branding to the distribution. We wanted to do both of these for this release but we did not have the man power to do them :D.


NOTE: For previous TROM-Jaro users there is nothing special you have to do except updating the TROMrepo (since we removed some packages) - open the terminal and copy paste "sudo pacman -Syu" - enter, then add your password. Second, add this line in the terminal "sudo pacman -Syu pamac-url-handler --overwrite /usr/bin/pamac-url-handler" (enter) - so that you better enable the support for the web-installer. That's all.