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A Trade-Free operating system based on Manjaro Linux

Designed for your brain, but you can install it on a computer.
No more ads and trackers consuming you, no ‘free’ trials, no bullshit.



extremely customizable:
The bellow examples replicate some of the most well-known desktops, and are fully done with the default TROMjaro install . We've only installed the icon/themes via Add/Remove Software. The rest is right click , drag, move, and do. Super easy!

easy to use and manage

Our desktop layout is very simple and (we hope) very intuitive. Everything is 'in your face' so you don't have to look around for settings, volume, workspaces, apps, and such.
Despite providing multiple different layouts via Layout Switch, the principle remains the same.
There is one single settings manager to rule them all! And we've added plenty of options to it. Change the theme, icons, cursor; enable or disable the global menus; tweak the touchscreen/touchpad gestures, map your mouse buttons or change the mouse gestures. And if your hardware is supported you can even tweak the RGB lights for your keyboard/mouse.

This is the one place to go when you need to tweak your system.
software manager
There is one single place that you have to use to install/remove/update your software: Add/Remove Software. It has categories and it is very simple to use. Search for an app, then click install. The system will make sure to notify you when an update is available for that app.

Therefore, your apps and your system will always be up to date without you worrying about it!
automatic backups of the system
Whenever TROMjaro detects that the core components of the system need an upgrade, it will automatically backup your entire system before doing the upgrades. This way, in case your system fails to work, you can easily restore it. Via System Backups you can tweak these settings at your liking, to schedule backups anytime you want.
ability to save sessions
Imagine you have several workspaces and each of them has a bunch of apps opened. Word documents, video players, files, etc.. You want to reboot your system but do not want to lose these. In TROMjaro, every time you reboot/shutdown your system you have the ability to save the session, so next time you boot up everything will be back where it should.
The Heads Up Display (HUD) is an immensely useful feature. Press ALT when the app is in focus, and if the app supports it, you can quickly search through the entire menu and go exactly where you want to. As an example, if you want to change the image levels in GIMP, you would normally have to browser through the many menus and sub-menus to find it, but with HUD you can find it in a second.
By default, in TROMjaro we have setup some basic gestures for the mouse, touchpad and touch screens, to make your life easier.
maximize and restore a window
minimize a window
tile a window
move to another workspace
show the apps launcher
show the virtual keyboard

master the files

An Operating System should make sure that all of your files can be previewed/edited. No hassle: double click that file, that's all it needs.
Super fast, simple, yet powerful photo gallery manager and viewer. Crop, rotate, sort, change colors, luminosity, make galleries, add tags, etc..
Watch any type of video files and listen to any kind of audio files with our built-in player. Create playlists, select subtitles, audio tracks, and much more.​
With the powerful LibreOffice pretty much any document file can be opened, created, edited. Spreadsheets, PDF files, Word, and more.
Access a world of file decentralization and sharing, and download/stream video/audio files even before they finish downloading.

control the web

Since most humans spend most of the time online, then the browser should be your friend and protector!
browse the web without trading
We customized Firefox to make it trade-free, to block most of the online trades: data collection, tracking, ads, geo-blocking, etc.. Everyone should be able to access any website (or scientific papers) without trading anything in return. On top of that we think people should be allowed to download videos, audio files and photos from any website or save websites for later or offline use, and so we added the tools for users to do that.

We've also added our own instance of SearX as the default search engine, so that anyone can search the web without restrictions, ads, trackers and the like.

master the basics

You should be able to record your voice, screen, take notes, share files, communicate with friends, and so forth, from the get-go!
These are essential tools!
your self
your thoughts
your screen
your voice
Trade-based services like Dropbox or Google Drive allow users to share large, but limited amounts of files between each other at a cost. TROMjaro allows users to share unlimited number of files between unlimited number of users, trade-free. There are no data caps, no data collection, and no servers. It is a decentralized way of sharing and syncing files between users (computers). Automatic file versioning detection and synchronization, together with file versioning control, are some of the several features included.​
TROMjaro users can communicate with each other in a fully decentralized manner - no servers required. That means, there can be no bans, moderation, rules and restrictions in place. You write whatever you want to whoever you want. There is no way for anyone to censor or restrict your conversations. On top of text-based-communications, you can call (video/audio), send files of any size, or create group chats. Your account is local and can be exported and imported to any messenger that supports the 'tox' protocol. A complete trade-free messenger!
Through the trade-free RiseupVPN application, you can access the entire internet via different gateways, keeping your connection private and/or be able to bypass geo-restricted content. RiseupVPN is supported via donations, the connection to their service is encrypted, and they keep no logs. The app itself is extremely easy to use, with no configuration required.
manage your passwords
Your passwords are your keys that unlock many online doors. The more keys, the harder to manage them. Also, do not create your own 'keys'! Passwords should be very complex in order to be more secure, and KeePassXP does all of that for you. It allows you to create strong passwords, store infinite login credentials, and we have integrated it with the browser so that you can change/use your credentials on the fly. KeePassXP stores all of your passwords in a single encrypted file on your computer, that only you have the key to unlock. This means that you only have to remember one single key in order to have access to all of your other keys. KeePassXP also supports two-factor authentication and a lot more other features.
The internet is a place of many places. But how can you keep an eye on what is going on? RSS is an old technology and very underrated, because RSS allows you to keep an eye on pretty much any website, from the comfort of your own computer. No need to visit a website, let the new stuff come to you. Take advantage of this and subscribe to your favorite websites with this wonderful little app that is very simple, yet feature-rich!
Explore our and other planets with this wonderful application. Satellite view, temperature, climate, wind, regions, Earth at night or divided by tribes. You have access to ancient maps of the Earth (how humans thought the Earth looked like in the past), or the modern GPS-based maps that allows you to create routes from one location to another. From the depths of the ocean to how a natural world would look like without the human footprint, all of those are available trade-free, together with maps of Venus, the Moon, Mercury, Mars and other planets.
With the WebApps you can transform any website into an app. Go to any website, copy paste the URL, give it a name, and voila. The webapp is now part of your system like any other app. If you have different browsers installed you can choose any of them for the job. Select a custom icon from the icon pack or any image from your computer. We recommend our trom.tf webapps for this. They are trade-free and extremely useful.

trade-free apps

Since the 'Add/Remove Software' also contains trade-based applications, we have created our own software center that only contains trade-free apps.
We review and test all of these apps, and you can install them from our website directly.
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