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A Trade-Free operating system based on Manjaro Linux

We think it’s easier to use than MacOS, better than Windows, more customizable than Android, and more secure than iOS.
For Internet users, media editors/consumers, programmers, writers, designers, artists. Everyone!

extremely customizable:

easy to use and manage

the top bar is about 'activities', and the left bar is all about the apps and the search (plus workspaces)
Settings is the main control hub where you can change the volume, WiFi settings, display, bluetooth, devices, and so forth.
Tweaks is the place that allows you to customize the operating system: fonts, themes, icons, and more.
add/remove software
Install or remove apps from this 'software center', together with managing all of the system and apps updates.

READY to use and personalize

we want to provide a minimal operating system and let the user personalize it the way they want to, but we want to make sure that TROMjaro is 'ready to use' even without users installing anything to it
automated system backups
Every time the system updates, a backup is created with Timeshift without users setting up anything. Users can also tweak Timeshift to create automated backups hourly, daily, weekly, and so forth.
files backup
With Deja-Dup you can easily create encrypted backups for all of your files to a local/external hard drive, or online, and schedule them daily or weekly.

disk tools
Partition, create, resize, encrypt, change format, checksum, or create bootable disks or USB flash drives with our in-built tools.
browse the web without trading
We customized Firefox to block most of the online trades: data collection, tracking, ads, geo-blocking, etc.. Everyone should be able to access any website (or scientific papers) without trading anything in return. On top of that we think people should be allowed to download videos, audio files and photos from any website or save websites for later or offline use, and so we added the tools for users to do that.

We also enabled the decentralized DAT network inside Firefox so that 100% decentralized (no server needed) websites can be accessed via Firefox natively.
Super fast, simple, yet powerful photo gallery manager and viewer. Crop, rotate, sort, change colors, luminosity, and more.
Powerful yet simple to use video player that can play pretty much every video file type, supports subtitles, streaming, playlists, and more.
Complete music player that allows you to organize playlists, sync music folders, tag songs, shuffle, see lyrics, has a karaoke mode, and more.
With the powerful LibreOffice pretty much any document file can be opened, created, edited.
Access a world of file decentralization and stream video/audio files even before they finish downloading.
Convert video, audio, or image files in batch, and from one format to another without any hassle.
a world of apps
Since the 'Add/Remove Software' also contains trade-based applications, we have created our own software center that only contains trade-free apps. We review and test all of these apps. We recommend that you install all of the apps from our software center in order to avoid trades.

As a side note: regardless from what software center you install the apps, they will always be managed via the Add/Remove Software.