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Tauon Music Player

Tauon Music Box

(What Am I Trading?)

By allowing websites like last.fm to be part of this app, they allow data trading to last.fm if users connect to this service or to similar ones that the app may promote.


A desktop music player for playback of local audio files. Designed to be simple and streamlined while putting the user in control of their music collection. Uses BASS Audio Library (proprietary) for playback.


  • Fast, comfortable and responsive UI.
  • Import tracks and create playlists by simple drag and drop.
  • Large album art and gallery displays!
  • Support for gapless playback.
  • Batch transcode folders of music.
  • Last.fm scrobbling with track love support heart
    See which of your tracks your friends loved too! purple_heart blue_heart
  • Download cover art function.
  • Lyrics display with support for displaying guitar chord lyrics and synced .lrc files.
  • Edit tags with MusicBrainz Picard (when also installed).
  • Keep track of play counts. Visualise these so you always know which tracks were your favorite.
  • Shortcuts for searching artists on Rate Your Music and tracks on Genius.
  • Linux desktop integration with MPRIS2.
  • Extract archives and import your music downloads in one click! zap

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