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As you probably know, animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images in order to create an illusion of movement. Traditionally 2D animation is created by drawing each displayed image individually. Those images are called “frames” and thus such method called “frame-by-frame animation”. To create good illusion of movement you need to draw many frames, that’s why his method requires a lot of time and resources.

“Synfig Studio” is open-source 2D vector animation software. It is designed to produce film-quality animation with fewer people and resources.

Synfig Studio is built to eliminate the need to draw each frame individually. There are two techniques for that:

Morphing animation

Morphing is a technique that takes two images and creates a smooth transition between them. In the process of morphing, one shape is deformed into another and this transformation is usually defined by control points. In Synfig Studio images are constructed from vector shapes and the morphing is done automatically. That allows us to create animation by drawing only key positions at relatively wide time intervals. You need only draw a few frames as needed to create a basic sense of motion for the scene, and Synfig Studio will create the in-between frames.

Cutout animation

Cutout animation is created by splitting objects into parts and applying some simple transformations to them (like translation, rotation or scale) at different moments of time. Synfig Studio uses those values to interpolate the motion for in-between frames. Cutout animation can be produced from bitmap images or vector graphics.


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