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This project aims at providing a simple interface for capturing and viewing video from v4l2 devices, with a special emphasis for the linux uvc driver.

The project provides a control interface based on Gtk3 or Qt5, depending on the build configuration. A console only option is also available.

You can also use guvcview has a control window only, (from console: guvcview –control_only), this allows image control on other apps, like ekiga, cheese, mplayer, skype, …


Guvcview audio support can be selected from two APIs: portaudio or pulseaudio (if availbale)

All interfaces (ALSA, OSD, JACK, …) supported by portaudio should be available in guvcview. Just make sure portaudio was compiled with the desired interfaces enabled.

1 thought on “GUV

  1. A very useful tool for your webcam. Using this for webcam and also for the telescope cam, and works great + provides a ton of options for you to manipulate the image quality/sources.

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