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SOLVESPACE is a free (GPLv3) parametric 3d CAD tool.

Sketch sections using

  • lines, rectangles, datum lines and points
  • circles, arcs of a circle, datum circles
  • cubic Bezier segments, C2 interpolating splines
  • text in a TrueType font, exportable as vectors
  • trims to split lines and curves where they intersect
  • tangent arcs, to fillet lines and curves
  • line styles for stroke color, stroke width, fill color
  • adjustable snap grid, for entities and text
  • menu item, keyboard shortcut, or toolbar
  • cut and paste, in plane and from workplane to workplane
  • background image with specified scale, for ease of tracing
  • 3Dconnexion six degree of freedom controllers

Constraints and dimensions on

  • distance (or line length), point-line distance, diameter
  • projected distance, along a line or vector
  • angle, curve-to-curve tangency, parallel, perpendicular
  • horizontal, vertical
  • equal length, equal angle, equal radius, length ratio
  • line length equals arc length
  • point on line, point on circle, point on point, point on face
  • point at midpoint of line, line’s midpoint on plane
  • points (or line) symmetric about line or plane
  • 2d (projected into specified plane) and 3d geometry
  • lengths in metric or inch units
  • lengths entered as arithmetic expressions (32.6 + 5/25.4)

Build solid model with

  • an extrude, lathe (solid of revolution) or helix from a sketch
  • Boolean operations: union (add material), difference (remove material), intersection (leave only common material)
  • parametric step and repeat (pattern), rotating or translating
  • operations performed on either meshes or NURBS surfaces

Parametric and associative assembly

  • link parts and drag them with six degrees of freedom
  • link mirrored or with arbitrary scale
  • place parts in assembly using constraints
  • link surfaces, and merge them using Boolean operations
  • link lines and curves, for 2d work or solid operations later
  • changes in parts propagate automatically into assembly

Analyze with

  • measurements on a part or assembly (of point coordinates, line length, point-point distance, point-face distance, projected distance, face-face angle, point-line distance)
  • path traced by mechanism, exportable into a spreadsheet
  • area of a plane sketch, volume of a solid shell
  • degrees-of-freedom check to show unconstrained points in sketch
  • interference check for assemblies
  • “STL check” (vertex-to-vertex and not self-intersecting) for mesh


  • 2d vector drawing as DXF, EPS, PDF, SVG, HPGL, STEP
  • toolpath as G code
  • as either piecewise linear segments or exact curves
  • wireframe model, hidden-line removed model, vector shaded surfaces
  • isometric view, orthogonal view, user-specified other view
  • section of solid model
  • with cutter radius compensation
  • with adjustable canvas size
  • 3d wireframe as DXF, STEP
  • triangle mesh as STL, Wavefront OBJ
  • NURBS surfaces as STEP
  • shaded view as bitmap

Author: trom

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