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F3D is a VTK-based 3D viewer following the KISS principle, so it is minimalist, efficient, has no GUI, has simple interaction mechanisms and is fully controllable using arguments in the command line.

It is open-source and cross-platform (tested on Windows, Linux, and macOS). It supports a range of file formats, rendering and texturing options.

Here is the list of supported file formats:

  • .vtk : the legacy VTK format
  • .vt[p|u|r|i|s|m] : XML based VTK formats
  • .ply : Polygon File format
  • .stl : Standard Triangle Language format
  • .dcm : DICOM file format
  • .nrrd/.nhrd : “nearly raw raster data” file format
  • .mhd/.mha : MetaHeader MetaIO file format
  • .tif/.tiff : TIFF 2D/3D file format
  • .ex2/.e/.exo/.g : Exodus 2 file format
  • .gml : CityGML file format
  • .pts : Point Cloud file format
  • .obj : Wavefront OBJ file format (full scene)
  • .gltf/.glb : GL Transmission Format (full scene)
  • .3ds : Autodesk 3DS Max file format (full scene)
  • .wrl : VRML file format (full scene)

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