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Rosegarden is a music composition and editing environment based around a MIDI sequencer that features a rich understanding of music notation and includes basic support for digital audio. Rosegarden is an easy-to-learn, attractive application that runs on Linux, ideal for composers, musicians, music students, and small studio or home recording environments.


1. Editing – Intuitive ways to record and edit notes.

2. MIDI – Managing your MIDI ports, banks, programs and controllers without having to remember any numbers.

3. Notation – Entering, editing and printing score.

4. Audio – Recording, mixing, and using samples and effects.

5. Synths – Playing your MIDI tracks through hosted synths, for more accurate control.

6. Languages – The international state of Rosegarden.

7. Integration – How Rosegarden works together with other software.

Author: trom

A Trade-Free operating system based on Manjaro Linux. We think it’s easier to use than MacOS, better than Windows, more customizable than Android, and more secure than iOS. For Internet users, media editors/consumers, programmers, writers, designers, artists. Everyone!

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