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Non reinvents the DAW.

Powerful enough to form a complete studio, fast and light enough to run on low-end hardware like the eeePC or Raspberry Pi, and so responsive and reliable that it can be used live, the Non DAW Studio is a modular system composed of four main parts: Non Timeline, a non-destructive, non-linear audio recorder and arranger. Non Mixer, a live mixer with effects plugin hosting and advanced Ambisonics spatialization control. Non Sequencer, a live, pattern based MIDI sequencer, and finally, the Non Session Manager to tie together these applications and more into cohesive song-level units.

Non is the result of one man’s desire to build a complete free-software Digital Audio Workstation on GNU/Linux that really works–on accessible hardware.
  • Fast: Non is designed to be simple and efficient. Written entirely in C/C++ for high performance, not slow, interpreted languages like Java or Python. Non is fast enough to run on low-end processors–while other DAWs require huge investments in hardware. The NTK toolkit provides lightning fast GUI to all the Non components.
  • Light: Non is light from the ground up. Project data is small. Bloated, memory hogging XML formats are shunned. NTK is tweaked from X11 up to be easy on RAM.
  • Modular: Non is a modular DAW. Modular in the Unix sense. This is unique. Other DAWs, even in the free-software realm, are large, bloated, and, as a rule, monolithic. This goes against the Unix philosophy and fails to take full advantage of the power and flexibility of JACK. The components of Non work together and separately, allowing you create a studio tailored to your own needs.
  • Mature: Non is the result of over 7 years of design and development effort by Jonathan Moore Liles. See History for a first hand account of Non’s development over the years.

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