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GNOME Calculator

GNOME Calculator


Calculator is an application that solves mathematical equations and is suitable as a default application in a Desktop environment.

What Calculator is:

  • A tool for calculating mathematical equations
  • Uses standard mathematical notation where possible (so users do not have to learn the application when they already know maths)
  • Easy enough to use for simple maths (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
  • Powerful enough for mid-level mathematics (though not at the expense of being easy for simple mathematics)
  • Fast to load and responsive to input
  • Appropriately sized to fit into standard screen resolutions (e.g. netbooks)
  • Fully accessible
  • Well documented
  • Integrated into the GNOME Desktop

What Calculator is not:

  • It does not emulate any existing calculator interfaces, hardware or software (use those calculators if you want this behaviour)
  • It is not a power-tool for professional mathematicians (professionals should use a specialist application)
  • It is not a programming language (programmers should use a programming language)

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