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Easystroke is a gesture-recognition application for X11. Gestures or strokes are movements that you make with you mouse (or your pen, finger etc.) while holding down a specific mouse button. Easystroke will execute certain actions if it recognizes the stroke; currently easystroke can emulate key presses, execute shell commands, hold down modifiers and emulate a scroll wheel. The program was designed with Tablet PCs in mind and can be used effectively even without access to a keyboard. Easystroke tries to provide an intuitive and efficient user interface, while at the same time being highly configurable and offering many advanced features.

4 thoughts on “Easystroke

  1. It’s hard to describe how useful this little application is. It can be used to replace so many gestures that you will feel like having a touchscreen that can easily manipulate with a simple mouse gesture. From my experience with it, it integrates so well into the system that without it I would find the computer experience primitive.

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