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VNote is a Qt-based, free and open source note-taking application, focusing on Markdown now. VNote is designed to provide a pleasant note-taking platform with excellent editing experience.

VNote is NOT just a simple editor for Markdown. By providing notes management, VNote makes taking notes in Markdown simpler. In the future, VNote will support more formats besides Markdown.

Simple notes management:

  • All plain text, no database
  • Self-contained notebooks, infinite levels of folders, plain notes
  • Tags and attachments
  • Explore and edit external files

Own your data:

  • All files on your local disk
  • One notebook is exactly one directory
  • Work from anywhere seamlessly via third-party service of your choice

Pleasant Markdown experience:

  • Minimized gap between read and write of Markdown
  • Syntax highlights and in-place preview
  • Effective images management
  • Interactive outline
  • UML diagrams, flowcharts, and math formulas

By programmers, for programmers:

  • Vi mode and Vi-like navigation
  • Line number in editor
  • Multiple tabs
  • Window splits
  • Fuzzy search and jump
  • Versatile shortcuts

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