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VNote is a Qt-based, free and open source note-taking application, focusing on Markdown now. VNote is designed to provide a pleasant note-taking platform with excellent editing experience.

VNote is NOT just a simple editor for Markdown. By providing notes management, VNote makes taking notes in Markdown simpler. In the future, VNote will support more formats besides Markdown.

Simple notes management:

  • All plain text, no database
  • Self-contained notebooks, infinite levels of folders, plain notes
  • Tags and attachments
  • Explore and edit external files

Own your data:

  • All files on your local disk
  • One notebook is exactly one directory
  • Work from anywhere seamlessly via third-party service of your choice

Pleasant Markdown experience:

  • Minimized gap between read and write of Markdown
  • Syntax highlights and in-place preview
  • Effective images management
  • Interactive outline
  • UML diagrams, flowcharts, and math formulas

By programmers, for programmers:

  • Vi mode and Vi-like navigation
  • Line number in editor
  • Multiple tabs
  • Window splits
  • Fuzzy search and jump
  • Versatile shortcuts

Author: trom

A Trade-Free operating system based on Manjaro Linux. We think it’s easier to use than MacOS, better than Windows, more customizable than Android, and more secure than iOS. For Internet users, media editors/consumers, programmers, writers, designers, artists. Everyone!

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