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Super Productivity

Super Productivity


  • Plan, Track & Summarize:Being clear and organized in your work doesn‘t just make your life easier but also the communication with your partners and clients. The App lets you create time sheets and work summaries effortlessly to track and document your work. Share it right away to get your head free so you can quickly focus on your next task.
  • Connect Jira, GitLab and GitHub: Never miss the important updates on any of your Jira tickets. With our Jira and Github integration you will be notified about ticket changes without having to check Jira or your emails every 10 minutes. Just auto import all tasks assigned to you, plan the details locally and submit worklogs with just a single click.
  • Take care of yourself: Working productively means working smarter rather than harder to drain yourself out. Super Productivity offers a variety of optional features to support you to become better at this. A pomdoro timer helps you to focus if needed. A break reminder, tells you when to step away and an anti procrastination page helps to waste less of your time when it is the hardest to do so.
  • Own your data: The app does NOT collect any data and there are no user accounts or registration required. It’s a free and open source and always will be.

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