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System Monitoring Center

System Monitoring Center


 Multi-featured system monitor. 


  • Detailed system performance and usage usage monitoring/managing features:
    • Monitoring CPU, RAM, Disk, Network, GPU hardware/usage information
    • Monitoring and managing processes and services (systemd)
    • Monitoring users, sensors and general system information
  • Supports PolicyKit. No need to run the application with “sudo”
  • Hardware selection options (selecting CPU cores, disks, network cards, GPUs)
  • Plotting performance data of multiple devices at the same time
  • Interactive charts for querying performance data on any point
  • Option for showing processes as tree or list
  • Language support:
    • Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, English, European Portuguese, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Turkish
  • Optimized for low CPU usage and fast start
  • Shows notification if update is available on PyPI (disabled by default)
  • Supports ARM architecture
  • Adapts to system theme
  • Free and open source


1 thought on “System Monitoring Center

  1. @trom This is my main System Monitor tool. It has everything packed into one. Monitor your RAM, CPU, GPU, temperature of them, Internet, and some more. Really awesome. It is not the default TROMjaro System Monitor simply because it is a bit more complex than the Usage app we use. But yeah, a great one overall.

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