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Pitivi is a Free video editor with a beautiful and intuitive user interface, a clean codebase and a fantastic community.


  • Unlimited video/audio track layers
  • Full undo/redo history
  • Frame stepping, keyboard controls and shortcuts
  • Trimming, splitting/cutting
  • Snapping
  • Ripple edits/roll edits
  • Sound mixing of multiple concurrent audio layers
  • Volume keyframe curves
  • Keyframable audio effects
  • Rendering in any container and codec properly supported by
  • GStreamer plugins
  • Nanosecond precision
  • Accepts both timecodes and frames
  • Automated project backups
  • Tarball export
  • Commandline processing and rendering mode using GES
  • Scripting capabilities using GES
  • Written in Python, with a clean and modular codebase
  • Hardware-accelerated and touch-capable user interface
  • Format for professional digital video and audio media.
  • Audio waveforms
  • Keyframable video effects
  • Opacity keyframe curves
  • Video thumbnails with two-stage caching
  • SMPTE video transitions
  • Ability to specify custom aspect ratios and framerates
  • Ability to create presets for project settings and rendering
  • Welcome dialog that helps you start a project or load recent projects in two clicks
  • Ability to preview video, audio and image files directly in the file chooser before importing
  • Fast, playhead-centered zooming
  • Mousewheel integration with modifier keys for timeline navigation
  • Scrubbing
  • Grouping and ungrouping of clips
  • Importing support for all video/audio/image formats provided by GStreamer plugins. Pitivi was the first open source video editor to support the Material eXchange

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