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Muse Score

Muse Score


Create, play and print beautiful sheet music.

    • Step-time and real-time MIDI input, and a built-in virtual piano keyboard. Or type the notes in, or click with the mouse.
    • Transpose a selected passage to any key, or by any interval—or even transpose diatonically within the same key.
    • Send scrolling sheet music videos to YouTube, with the notes highlighted in the score as they sound—and highlighted on a virtual keyboard below.
    • Pedaling, fingering, cross-staff beaming—you name it. Everything needed to write piano sheet music is here.
    • Playback of almost all notation elements
    • Support for third-party SFZ and SF2 sound libraries
    • Style rules apply to the whole score at once
    • Total control of every score element’s position
    • Support for solo+piano (add small staff with different instrument)
    • Support for cadenzas (smaller notes and variable length measures)
    • Continuous View displays score as endless ribbon, with no layout breaks
    • Easy-to-use and customizable interface
    • Import from other music notation software via MusicXML
    • Share music online with musescore.com
    • Rehearse on the go with MuseScore mobile apps
    • Full-featured desktop software free for Mac, Windows, and Linux
    • Multiple tab styles available—from note symbols outside the staff to upside-down strings—and linked standard/tab staff pairs.
    • MuseScore can now open files from Guitar Pro, so you can easily migrate over. Import filters are improving with every release.
    • 21 default chords for every key, and a powerful editor to create your own—with barre, fret position, and any number of strings.
    • Banjo, mandolin, ukulele, oud. Custom string tunings. Even historical lute tablature. MuseScore does them all.
    • Bends, fingerings, and other common guitar notations supported
    • Add/remove linked staves any time; enter notes on either standard or tab staff
    • Percussion/drumset also included
    • Templates include guitar, tablature, guitar + tablature, and rock/pop band
    • Any change you make to the content of any part is immediately reflected in the full score—and vice versa.
    • Edit the formatting of parts and score independently—or apply the same style to all parts with just one click.
    • Instantly switch between transposed and concert pitch. Sounding pitches stay the same while the written notes change.
    • Focus on the content, undistracted by line breaks or page breaks. Switch to Page View to polish up for printing.
    • Templates for common instrumentations
    • Full orchestral sounds (and support for third-party SF2 and SFZ sound libraries)
    • Mixing and panning for individual parts
    • Chord names are automatically formatted when you finish typing—plus, they transpose with the notes.
    • Commands to fill bars with slashes—and to turn notes into rhythmic slashes, and even accent notation above the staff.
    • Transpose a selected passage to any key, or by any interval—or even transpose diatonically within the same key.

    • Templates for Jazz Lead Sheet, Big Band, and Jazz Combo
    • Real Book-style jazz font for text and chord symbols
    • Formatting tools include adding line breaks every X measures
    • Instantly switch between transposed and concert pitch
    • Continuous View displays score as endless ribbon, with no layout breaks


And a lot more. See here.

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