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Gifcurry is the open-source, Haskell-built video editor for GIF makers. Load a video, make some edits, and save it as a GIF—Gifcurry makes your life easy! sunglasses Most video formats should work, so go wild. And since it’s made with Haskell, you know it’s good. 100

For the command line averse, there is a GUI. computer_mouse Die-hard terminal aficionado? Gifcurry has you covered with its CLI. desktop_computer And for the Haskell programmers out there, there is also a library books API.

Gifcurry can save your creation as a GIF or as a video. vhs So if you hate angry GIFs with a passion—no problem! Just select “Save as a Video” and do your part to rid wastebasket the world of GIFs.

Enjoy memes? :trollface: Great! Gifcurry can add text all over your GIF. You can change the font, size, color, position, outline, rotation, and the timing. Create the next viral meme with Gifcurry.

Did you know Gifcurry slices…and dices? fork_and_knife You can crop scissors from the left, the right, the top, and/or the bottom. With Gifcurry, you can slice up some tasty GIFs.

Is Gifcurry another Electron app? No way! Gifcurry is 100% #ElectronFree. No need to download more RAM ram, Gifcurry is light as a feather. Run running_man it all day, run it all year—you’ll never notice.

“So…Gifcurry is just FFmpeg and ImageMagick?”—nope. Gifcurry hides all the goofy details so you can concentrate on what matters—the almighty raised_hands GIF.

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