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Take control of your research photos with Tropy, a tool that shortens the path from finding archival sources to writing about them. Spend more time using your research photos, and less time hunting for them.


  • Turn photos into items: Tropy thinks the way you do: like a researcher. Say goodbye to IMG_5261.JPG and IMG_5262.JPG, and say hello to your sources.
  • Describe your sources: Tropy helps you contextualize artifacts and their photos by capturing your own subject expertise. A friendly editing interface allows customized templates that fit your research like a glove.
  • Organize your research: Tropy understands that every researcher is different and that every project has its own demands. Break free from the logic of the physical archive and use tags and lists to organize your research items according to your needs.
  • Annotate your photos: Tropy’s beautiful annotation tools allow you to transcribe documents, select image details, and manipulate photographs to get the clearest view of your sources.
  • Export your research: Tropy exports your research projects as JSON‑LD, CSV, and even directly to Omeka S. Need a custom format? With Tropy it’s possible to create your own export plugin.

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