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Transform your video content creation with Subtitld – the open source software that streamlines your video content creation process. It is able to read and write various formats like SRT, SSA, TTML, SBV, DFXP, VTT, XML, SCC and SAMI.

  • Various common subtitle and video file formats are supported.
  • Adjust the start, duration, and end of a subtitle directly in the timeline.
  • Merge to the last or next subtitle, or slice in the middle at the text cursor position.
  • Add a subtitle with an editable duration or remove the selected subtitle.
  • Set the start or end of the subtitle to the current timeline cursor.
  • Up to 20 levels of zoom enables finer editing.
  • You can show the grid to help visualize by frames, seconds or scenes.
  • While dragging subtitles, it can snap subtitles to the edges and to the grid.
  • Play from the start of the last/current subtitle, stop, play at current timeline cursor position, and from the start of the next subtitle.
  • Timecode information always visible, and seconds marking in the timeline.
  • Undo changes with no limits.
  • Open from a list of recently-used files.
  • Adjust the playback speed without changing the pitch.
  • Set timecode parameters for repeat playback.
  • Import from TXT files, slice them and insert into the timeline automatically. It can also export the subtitles as simple TXT files.
  • Generate videos with the subtitle burned in.
  • Subtitld saves your project in common formats like SRT and VTT.
  • Automatically transcribe to subtitles

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