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Session Messenger

Session Messenger


Session is an end-to-end encrypted messenger that removes sensitive metadata collection, and is designed for people who want privacy and freedom from any forms of surveillance.

  • No identification is required to create a Session account.
  • Session doesn’t collect data, so there’s nothing to leak.
  • Send messages through our onion routing network and leave no trace.
  • Session’s code has nothing to hide. Anyone can view, audit and contribute.
  • One account, many devices. Session works wherever you go.
  • With no central point of failure, its harder to shut Session down.
  • Talk to your friends or talk to the world. You decide. Closed Groups let you talk to up to 10 friends at once. Got a bigger crowd? Use a Open Group — connect with as many people as you want.
  • Sometimes, a text just isn’t enough. Send something a little more personal — it’s okay, you’re still private. Session lets you send voice messages, so nothing gets lost in translation.
  • Don’t leak those docs. Send all your files, images, and attachments through a network that takes your privacy seriously.

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