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GPU Screen Recorder

GPU Screen Recorder


This is a screen recorder that has minimal impact on system performance by recording a monitor using the GPU only, similar to shadowplay on windows. This is the fastest screen recording tool for Linux. This screen recorder works with both X11 and Wayland.

This screen recorder can be used for recording your desktop offline, for live streaming and for nvidia-like instant replay, where only the last few seconds are saved.

There are some restrictions when recording on AMD/Intel or Wayland. Videos created on AMD/Intel/Wayland are in variable framerate format. Very out of date video players might have an issue playing such videos. I recommend using MPV or a browser to play such videos, otherwise you might experience stuttering in the video.

Recording a monitor requires (restricted) root access which means that you have to install GPU Screen Recorder system-wide: flatpak install flathub –system com.dec05eba.gpu_screen_recorder and pkexec needs to be installed on the system and a polkit agent needs to be running.

Some distros such as manjaro disable hardware accelerated H264/HEVC which means GPU Screen Recorder wont work on AMD/Intel and you have to either switch to another distro or install mesa from source (or install mesa-git for example).

Recording a single window is also only possible on X11. Hotkeys are not supported on wayland either (wayland doesn’t really support this). Use X11 if you want a proper desktop experience in general.

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