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Hello, I’m Roma, I love technologies and programming and I use TROMjaro OS for pretty much every task I need to accomplish with my computer – work, movies, music, photos, chatting and entertainment. There are so many great open source apps available on a tip of a finger. To help TROM with coding and web development I use PyCharm CE and Atom – great open source IDE. SM Player and VLC to play videos and clips, Rhythmbox to organize my music library and Shotwell for photos albums. I prefer Riot – an open source instant messaging app to keep in touch with Team. And to relax sometimes – PlayOnLinux app, based on open source Wine platform, which is able to run Windows games in TROMjaro! I absolutely adore TROMjaro’s efficiency, performance and freedom of choice. Hope to see you in our ranks a fellow computer user, there is always a place for you ^^ Love ❤️

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