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(What Am I Trading?)

Since SongRec uses the Shazam servers, the company behind Shazam may collect data about you.


SongRec is an open-source Shazam client for Linux, written in Rust.


  • Recognize audio from an arbitrary audio file.
  • Recognize audio from the microphone.
  • Usage from both GUI and command line (for the file recognition part).
  • Provide an history of the recognized songs on the GUI, exportable to CSV.
  • Continuous song detection from the microphone, with the ability to choose your input device.
  • Ability to recognize songs from your speakers rather than your microphone (on compatible PulseAudio setups).
  • Generate a lure from a song that, when played, will fool Shazam into thinking that it is the concerned song.

Author: trom

A Trade-Free operating system based on Manjaro Linux. We think it’s easier to use than MacOS, better than Windows, more customizable than Android, and more secure than iOS. For Internet users, media editors/consumers, programmers, writers, designers, artists. Everyone!

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