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Rats Search

Rats Search


BitTorrent search program for desktop and web. Collect and navigate over base of torrents statistic, categories, and give easy access to it.
  • Works over p2p torrent network, doesn’t require any trackers
  • Supports own p2p protocol for additional data transfer (like search between rats clients, descriptions/votes transfer, etc.)
  • Search over torrent collection
  • Torrent and files search
  • Search filters (size ranges, files, seeders etc…)
  • Collection filters (regex filters, adult filters)
  • Trackers peers scan supported
  • Integrated torrent client
  • Collect only statistic information and don’t save any torrents internal data
  • Supports torrents rating (voting)
  • P2P Search protocol. Search in other Rats clients.
  • Web version (web interface) for servers
  • Top list (mostly common and popular torrents)
  • Feed list (Rats clients activity feed)
  • Translations: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese
  • Drag and drop torrents (expand local search database with specific torrents)
  • Descriptions association from trackers

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