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Use the power of mind-mapping to make your ideas come to life.

  • Quickly create visual mind-maps using the keyboard and automatic layout.
  • Choose from many tree layout choices.
  • Add notes, tasks and images to your nodes.
  • Add node-to-node connections with optional text and notes.
  • Stylize nodes, links and connections to add more meaning and improve readability.
  • Quick search of node and connection titles and notes, including filtering options.
  • Zoom in to focus on certain ideas or zoom out to see the bigger picture.
  • Enter focus mode to better view and understand portions of the map.
  • Unlimited undo/redo of any change.
  • Automatically saves in the background.
  • Colorized node branches.
  • Open multiple mindmaps with the use of tabs.
  • Built-in and custom theme support.
  • Gorgeous animations.
  • Import from OPML, FreeMind and Freeplane formats.
  • Export to PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, SVG, OPML, CSV, Markdown, PlainText, FreeMind, Freeplane, Mermaid and yEd formats.
  • Printer support.

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