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Master PDF Editor

Master PDF Editor

(What Am I Trading?)

The company behind the application tries to force users to update to the PRO (paid) version of the software. Also, you will engage into trade-offs with this software since the free version is limiting its capabilities. despite that, the version that you find here is and always be the


Master PDF Editor is the optimal solution for editing PDF files in Linux.
It enables you to create, edit, view, encrypt, sign and print interactive PDF documents.

  • In a PDF document, you can edit or add text with any formatting, insert images or edit any objects.
  • Comment documents with stamps, notes, selection, text underlining or strikethrough and other tools.
  • Fill PDF forms in a fast and simple way. Add and edit PDF control elements like flags, buttons, lists, etc.

1 thought on “Master PDF Editor

  1. We are in desperate need for a good PDF editor for our TROM ebooks and Linux is severely lacking one. We are therefore forced to use LibreOffice Draw to create our books, then export to a PDF format. It would be a lot easier to be able to edit the PDFs directly. Master PDF Editor is by far the best and (almost) only PDF Editor for Linux that can handle more than basic PDF editing needs. This version of the software is the free version for Linux, so you should not get forced to upgrade by the company behind the software. it is, as far we know, an open source piece of software and only requires a few trades to use it such as the company reminding people to upgrade to the pro version that costs money, or limiting its functionalities (but these are not multiple).

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