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KDE Connect

KDE Connect


Enabling communication between all your devices. Made for people like you.  

Want to transfer that album with photos from the latest family trip or birthday party between your computer and smartphone? KDE Connect makes this easier than ever before. You can also browse your phone files remotely or quickly open a link on the other device.

Get all your phone notifications instantly synced to your desktop, so that you never miss that critical message. Directly reply to text messages from the computer without having to pick up your smartphone.

Do you want to shut down your desktop from your phone? Or would you like to lock the screen with one tap? Run pre-defined commands from your connected devices or make your own commands. The only limit is your imagination. 

 Listening to your favourite album on your desktop? Pause, skip and change the volume remotely from your phone.

Forgot your presentation remote but have an important presentation to do? Use your phone as an improvised remote. Want to use your phone as a trackpad? KDE Connect can help out.    

Forgot where you left your phone? It happens to all of us. Ring it and find where it is. Additionally, your phone battery level is visible directly from your Desktop.

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