How to translate

how to translate

Aaron made a great video about how you can translate Because we want to keep this project as trade-free as possible, then we allow anyone to translate without the need of any account or asking anyone’s permission. Simply scroll down on any page and select a language. The page will refresh. Scroll down again and click the “edit” button. The page will refresh again and you can simply click any piece of text and start translating. If you want to start translating the website into a new language please tell us here (live chat – no registration required) so we can add it. We need to do it this way since we cannot add all of the languages to the list that later won’t be supported by anyone. Dead languages, we don’t like you! 🙂

Watch the video made by Aaron to see exactly how to translate the website.

We use for the above player and the video is streamed from is trade-free, but is not. Amara allows anyone to easily and collaboratively create and edit subtitles, but Amara is only partially trade-free, so it is likely that they will inject trackers into this website. We are searching for an alternative but it is hard to find one that is as easy to use as Amara. On top of that, we've been using Amara since its beginnings when it was called Universal Subtitles and it was open source, so all of our translation work is hosted with Amara. We could simply post the above video without the Amara embed code, but that would mean to let most people in the dark as to how they can collaborate for making subtitles, and then we wold have to manually upload all the subtitles they make, to our website or somewhere else. We don't want to centralize this. We want for anyone to create/edit the subtitles for this video. In all, we apologize for using Amara and we are looking for a trade-free alternative. We do not want to remove the option to easily create subtitles for this video by removing Amara altogether. It would not be fair for the volunteers who work on subtitling the video. We recommend for anyone to install the UBlock Origin and the Privacy Badger Firefox addons so that these trackers are blocked, not only here, but on every other website they visit.

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