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QML based client for the Friendica Social Network. Tabs for news (incl. Direct Messages), friends, photos and events.

Currently supported:

  • Shows Posts from friends, replies, Direct Messages and notifications (in swipe view), selected group, replies, favorited messages, public timeline
  • Background sync with configurable interval of 15 min to 2h for active user for friends timeline, replies and DMs (Android 5.1 required)
  • Android notifications or Dbus notification (Linux) for new items in friends timeline, replies and DMs
  • Search for news
  • Click on hashtag in newsitem starts search for news with that word
  • Click on image shows image fullscreen
  • Click on video or youtube video shows video fullscreen
  • For news containing urls ending with mp3, mp4, avi, webm, ogg or to a Peertube instance: media can be played in the app
  • Open links in external browser
  • Click on contact photo for contact details and last news
  • Click on like text for additional contact info
  • Deletion, Reposting, Answering of Posts
  • Expand truncated news items
  • Liking, disliking, favoriting
  • Attending for event posts
  • Update fetches new posts (up to last 50) since last in local DB
  • More shows older posts from local DB
  • Create new Message with images or direct messages, Contact/Group access rights (can be stored), smileys
  • Hashtags are saved after message is sent and can be used in later messages
  • Send image from Android gallery
  • Send text or urls from other apps to Friendiqa
  • Native Android image dialog

4 thoughts on “Friendiqa

    1. This program is a client for Friendica. Meaning, you can register on any friendica instance, like say our own at social.trom.tf, then you use this program to login.

      1. Does it mean You have to create login for me on social.trom.tf? becasause I can not. I am sorry , I am not a computer science technician

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