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Flowblade is a multitrack non-linear video editor for Linux released under GPL 3 license.

With Flowblade Movie Editor you can compose movies from video clips, audio clips and graphics files. Clips can be cut at the desired frames, filters can be added to clips, and you can create multilayer composite images using compositor objects.

Flowblade offers a configurable workflow – toolset, its order, default tool and certain timeline behaviours are user settable.


  • 11 editing tools, 9 of which can be selected to the working set
  • 4 methods to insert / overwrite / append clips on the timeline
  • Drag and Drop clips on the timeline
  • Clip and compositor parenting with other clips
  • Max. 9 combined video and audio tracks available

Image compositing:

  • 10 compositors. Mix, zoom, move and rotate source video with keyframed animation tools
  • 19 blends. Stardand image blend modes like Add, Hardlight and Overlay are available
  • 40+ pattern wipes.

Image and audio filtering:

  • 50+ image filters: color correction, image effects, distorts, alpha manipulation, blur, edge detection, motion effects, freeze frame, etc.
  • 30+ audio filters: keyframed volume mixing, echo, reverb, distort, etc.

Supported editable media types:

  • Most common video and audio formats, depends on installed MLT/FFMPEG codecs
  • JPEG, PNG, TGA, TIFF graphics file types
  • SVG vector graphics
  • Numbered frame sequences

Output encoding:

  • Most common video and audio formats, depends on installed MLT/FFMPEG codecs
  • User can define rendering by setting FFMpeg args individually

Author: trom

A Trade-Free operating system based on Manjaro Linux. We think it’s easier to use than MacOS, better than Windows, more customizable than Android, and more secure than iOS. For Internet users, media editors/consumers, programmers, writers, designers, artists. Everyone!

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