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Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software.


  • Customizable appearance.
  • Easy to use.
  • In-app screenshot edition.
  • DBus interface.
  • Upload to Imgur.

5 thoughts on “Flameshot

  1. There is a reason why this little app is integrated by default with TROM-Jaro: it simply is the best screenshot tool in the world! 🙂 It is hard to make one that is better. Why? When you want to take a screenshot you want something that’s super fast. Once you set up a keyboard shortcut, then simply use that and take a screenshot. In TROM-Jaro it is integrated with the universal “print scr” key. Sure, this can be done with any screenshot app but this one is much easier to use. Once preset that shortcut key you can select whatever you want to take a screenshot of and at the same time you have so many useful and not-in-your-way options. You can add arrows, draw on top of it, even blur certain parts of it. You then can easily save on your computer or upload on imgur and share the link. Want more? You can open it directly into a photo editor app that’s on your computer. It is hard to see what is missing.

    Let me give you two examples of how you can use:

    You want to do a screenshot and add it to a project of yours that you are working on (say Draw, or in Krita) – simply press a button, select the are and copy. Yes, copy like you’ll copy any text (ctrl + c). Then paste it into Draw or Krita or any program and it will copy that screenshot.
    Want to report a bug for an open source software: see the bug, press a key and select to capture that part of the screen. Blur if you need to blur any parts, then simply upload on Imgur and share the link with the developer.

    All of the apps screenshots on this website are done with this little app!

    1. It is only OK. You can take only one screenshot if you are in fullscreen mode. If the above pic was a photograph in highest resolution and I wanted to get a close-up of the wolf, note to tail, with the highest res, I would hit f11 and zoom in. With the current Flameshot, I would have to minimize pic, set delay time in terminal, then f11, again, to achieve this. If Ihave half a dozen or more such screens to record (as I often do making comps of various images, texts, etc.), it is a major waste of time. A simple non-captured Flameshot control window that stays always on top solves thisproblem completely, eliminating the need to return to the operating system for every single capture. Gadwin Printscreen is the perfect example of this programming.

      1. Maybe you need a screenshot app for a specific reason. This one is stellar for most reason 😉 – and what is this Gadwin Printscreen? I can’t find it for Linux….

        1. Because Gadwin doesn’t run in Linux, nor can we find anything in Linux that does what I described above. Flameshot is pretty good, so far, but all the hoops we have to jump through to get full screen shots is a major drag, not only on our time, but our patience, as well. The above is just a suggestion to make Flameshot a step ahead of all other Linux screenshot apps. It is really time-consuming to have to go back and forth between the images to be captured and the OS for every single capture. We certainly appreciate your response. Be Well.

          1. I used Windows for 10+ years and Linux for 6+ years and I never found anything close in terms of usability as flamehost to be honest. And I’m sure, for your specific needs, you can find a Linux alternatives. We will add more with time here on tromjaro 😉

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