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Multi functional app to find duplicates, empty folders, similar images etc.
  • Written in memory-safe Rust
  • Amazingly fast – due to using more or less advanced algorithms and multithreading
  • Free, Open Source without ads
  • Multiplatform – works on Linux, Windows, macOS, FreeBSD and many more
  • Cache support – second and further scans should be much faster than the first one
  • CLI frontend – for easy automation
  • GUI frontend – uses GTK 4 framework and looks similar to FSlint
  • No spying – Czkawka does not have access to the Internet, nor does it collect any user information or statistics
  • Multilingual – support multiple languages like Polish, English or Italian
  • Multiple tools to use:
    • Duplicates – Finds duplicates based on file name, size or hash
    • Empty Folders – Finds empty folders with the help of an advanced algorithm
    • Big Files – Finds the provided number of the biggest files in given location
    • Empty Files – Looks for empty files across the drive
    • Temporary Files – Finds temporary files
    • Similar Images – Finds images which are not exactly the same (different resolution, watermarks)
    • Similar Videos – Looks for visually similar videos
    • Same Music – Searches for music with the same artist, album etc.
    • Invalid Symbolic Links – Shows symbolic links which point to non-existent files/directories
    • Broken Files – Finds files that are invalid or corrupted
    • Bad Extensions – Lists files whose content not match with their extension

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