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Beaker uses DuckDuckGo as their search engine and you cannot even change that. Duck injects ads into people's searches. Beaker is also collecting anonymized data by default. They say is for technical purposes, but it is still opt-out not opt-in.


Beaker is a more powerful browser, for a more powerful Web.

We believe the Web is at its best when it empowers creation and encourages participation. That’s why we’re building a browser for a person-to-person Web.

Our mission

The Web enabled communication, collaboration, and creativity at a scale once unimaginable, but it’s devolved into a landscape of isolated platforms that discourage customization and interoperability. The Web’s value flows from the people who use it, yet our online experiences are dictated by corporations whose incentives rarely align with our own.

We believe the Web can (and must) be a people-first platform, where everybody is invited to create, personalize, and share.

That’s why we’re using peer-to-peer technology to improve how we create, share, and connect on the Web.

Why build a browser?

Browsers are the gateway to the Web! By building a browser with experimental features and capabilities, we have the flexibility to explore how the browser can help uphold the vision of an open Web.

1 thought on “Beaker

  1. The beautiful thing about Beaker is that it makes peer-to-peer file sharing and website distribution as easy as it gets. It is as simply as clicking 2-3 buttons. And the fact that the browser works with normal links, not only “dat” ones, makes it a fully functional browser for all needs. Of course it is hard to imagine that it will replace Firefox or Chromium since at the moment does not support extensions and lacks many features. It is also in a developing stage and sharing files through it is not stable enough for prime-time. But, the idea behind it is genius and we are trying to use it to decentralize all of our TROM files.

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