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Astrofox is a free, open-source motion graphics program that lets you turn your audio into custom, shareable videos. Combine text, images, animations and effects to create stunning, unique visuals. Then generate high-definition videos to share with your fans on social media.
  • Audio reactive: Astrofox performs real-time audio analysis of your music to drive amazing motion graphics. Watch as shapes and effects pulse, rotate and move to the beat of your music.
  • Real-time rendering: Forget keyframes. Forget waiting for your scene to render. Everything in Astrofox is rendered in real-time. You can even add and manipulate effects as the music is playing.
  • Precise control: Astrofox features a streamlined interface that let’s you easily control your visual elements. Quickly experiment with new ideas and watch them happen live.
  • Infinite possibilities: Astrofox lets you compose individual scenes with their own set of displays and effects. Seamlessly blend scenes together to create something completely unique.

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