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In 2007, my brother bought a MacBook Pro that I’ve been using since about 2014. It was already 8 years old but it still worked great. But in 2016, IContinue readingVicky


Hola Amigos! I decided to try TROMjaro in February 2019 and I am very happy so far. Installing an OS was something new for me, but I learned to doContinue readingRafa

Matt Dillon

Torvalds our in Helsinki Linux Unser, The You are in the kernel, Your swap file is open, Your gnome is coming, Your Bash-command be done, As in red hat, soContinue readingMatt Dillon


I’m what some people may call “computer retarded” 😀 but I use TROM-Jaro every day and find it easier to use than any other operating system I have used inContinue readingSasha


Microsoft has admitted that normal Windows users are testing unstable updates. This has led to various problems such as systems needing a reset and thus losing all the installed appsContinue readingFrancesco


Installed trade-free operating system Trom-Jaro. Before the laptop, with windows 10 was loading in about 15minutes, with Trom-Jaro loads in minutes. Already my son watching kids movies and don’t needContinue readingRaimondas

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