Simple interface. Powerful music management. Smart Playlists. Advanced track tagging. Automatic album art. Lyrics. Streaming Radio. Podcasts. Secondary output device support. Easily extensible with 50+ plugins available. … https://www.tromjaro.com/exaile/


CPod INSTALL DESCRIPTION: The core features of Cumulonimbus a glance: Search for and subscribe to podcasts Listen to podcasts Queue episodes for playback Manage your subscriptions Filter episodes by durationhttps://www.tromjaro.com/cpod/


Cantata INSTALL DESCRIPTION: A graphical (Qt5) client for MPD, supporting the following features: Supports Linux, macOS, Windows, and Haiku. NOTE: Only Linux actively supported as of 2.3.3 Multiple MPD collections.https://www.tromjaro.com/cantata/
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