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Whether it’s video from the Internet Archive, music from Creative Commons, or audiobooks from Librivox, you can play it right away. You don’t have to wait for it to finish downloading. WebTorrent Desktop connects to both BitTorrent and WebTorrent peers. It can talk to peers running Transmission or uTorrent, and it can also talk to web pages like instant.io.


  • Lightweight, fast torrent app
  • experiența utilizatorului Beautiful
  • Free, non-commercial, ad-free, and open source
  • instantaneu flux video și audio
  • WebTorrent fetches file pieces from the network on demand for instant playback.
  • Even when the file isn’t fully downloaded, seeking still works. (Seeking just reprioritizes which pieces are fetched from the network.)
  • Stream videos to AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA
  • Based on the most popular and comprehensive torrent package in Node.js, webtorrent
  • Full-featured, but bloat free
  • Deschide link-uri magnet și fișiere .torrent
  • Drag-and-drop face adăugarea sau crearea torenți ușor
  • Discovers peers via tracker servers, DHT (Distributed Hash Table), and peer exchange
  • Supports the WebTorrent protocol for connecting to WebRTC peers (i.e. web browsers)

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  1. This is the go-to BitTorrent streaming player out there. We recommend it for VideoNeat.com (our project). You click, you play. Can’t be easier!

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