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Suntem un grup de voluntari care încearcă să conștientizeze toată lumea că jocul pe care îl jucăm cu toții (Jocul Comerțului) is creating most of today’s problems: from corruption to violence, hunger to bad products, data collection to privacy invasion, human made climate change to waste, and so forth. It simply throws people into a Monopoly-kind of game where everyone has to “trade”: do something to obtain something else. This imbalance of power between those who need/want and those who have/provide makes human beings behave very badly (hoard resources, waste, create poor quality products, lie, deceive, abuse, etc.). We explain in detail, and well sourced, all of this line of thinking and solutions to combat this primitive type of society, on, din 2011.

We’re not only creating awareness about this issue, but we create solutions (as much as we can). The antidote for a Trade-Based society, is a Trade-Free society, and we are creating trade-free goods and services. In today’s world the notion of “free” has lost all of its meaning. FaceBook proclaims to be “free” but they collect your data in order to let you use their service; YouTube shoves ads into your face and proclaims to be “free”; Android is a promoter for Google products and labels itself in the same manner. These are money-free, cryptocurrency-free, and so forth, but NOT trade-free. They want something from you (a trade, such as your data or attention). And this power struggle makes these companies lie, deceive, harm. This is why we struggle to make people aware of this confusion. When something is trade-free, it means it wants nothing from its “users”. Like no collection of data, no wanting for people’s attention or currency, and so forth.

De aceea, atunci când etichetăm lucrurile noastre ca fiind „Trade-Free” ne asigurăm că este clar că nu dorim nimic de la nimeni. Doar facem lucruri. Aceasta este cea mai pură formă de a oferi ceva gratuit și cea mai cinstită.


Indeed Manjaro can be seen as trade-free since they do not collect people’s data, ask them for money in order to use their operating system, and so forth. However they promote trade-based applications in their default Manjaro installations such as Steam, FreeOffice or Microsoft Office – and maybe other packages too. These packages want something from people (a trade) – either money, or data, or attention. Therefore we removed all of such packages and only kept (plus added) trade-free packages. We’ve also did a lot more custom changes to the distro to make it faster, more user friendly, and so forth. At least in our view, that is.


Poți accesa profilul nostru de construire Aici (ceea ce înseamnă că poți construi TROM-Jaro singur). Am încercat să menținem TROM-Jaro cât se poate de minimalist și să lăsăm oamenii să folosească secțiunea APLICAȚII pentru a instala tot ceea ce doresc din lista noastră de pachete trade-free.
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