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Update TROMjaro to Gnome 3.36

Update TROMjaro to Gnome 3.36

Once in a while updates will break TROMjaro here and there, an that’s because TROMjaro is a customized Manjaro, and Manjaro is a tweaked Arch, and Arch is built on top of Linux. On top of that there are things like “desktop environments” (how your desktop looks and behaves – we use Gnome), that are made by other groups of people. Not only that, but other people make “extensions” that are meant to tweak or improve the functionality of this desktop environment. While this is the best way for projects and people to cooperate and merge, at times these layers will break things.

So what happened with the recent update to Gnome 3.36? Gnome is a desktop environment – we think it is very easy to use and one of the most complete desktop environments on Linux. However, the default Gnome lacks some functionalities that we added via extensions. When Gnome pushes a big update then some extensions who are not tested with the latest Gnome version, will break things. Usually nothing dramatic. On top of that, the theme you use for your desktop, if it is not updated/tested with the latest Gnome, then that too may break. Such things are taken care of by the developers of such extensions and plugins, together with the Arch and Manjaro “layers” that are testing such things before they push an update. Therefore, with the latest Gnome 3.36 update, a few extensions stopped working or needed an update. As follows:

  • Appfolders Management – this extension allows for users to put their apps into folders in an easy manner (drag and drop sorting). Gnome 3.36 added this feature into their core update, so you don’t need this extension anymore. Click it, and remove it (by clicking the x button).
  • Do Not Disturb – this extension adds a useful “do not disturb” toggle into the notification area. Gnome 3.36 added this feature into their core update so you don’t need it anymore. Remove it.
  • Dash to Dock – this extension is what allows for the Gnome left side menu to be visible by default. Strangely, Gnome does not use this feature that we think is a must – else users get confused as to where their applications are. So we need this extension. But we have to update it now. Please click and remove it first. Then install it from the software center – click here to install it. If it asks you to reinstall it – in case you already had it installed via the software center – then reinstall.
  • Go here to see if any of your installed extensions needs any update. Look for the green button besides the on/off button for each of your extensions. Click it to update. After you update all of your extensions please restart your desktop environment by pressing Alt + F2 then type “r” in that box and press enter.
  • The last thing that you have to do is reinstall the Vimix theme (the base TROMjaro theme). Click here to reinstall.

Now that you removed the extensions that are not needed and updated the other ones, and also reinstall the theme plus restarted your desktop, you should be fine. Just do the updates as usual. Here is a video where we showcase all that.

We use Amara.org for the above player and the video is streamed from Archive.org. Archive.org is trade-free, but Amara.org is not. Amara allows anyone to easily and collaboratively create and edit subtitles, but Amara is only partially trade-free, so it is likely that they will inject trackers into this website. We are searching for an alternative but it is hard to find one that is as easy to use as Amara. On top of that, we've been using Amara since its beginnings when it was called Universal Subtitles and it was open source, so all of our translation work is hosted with Amara. We could simply post the above video without the Amara embed code, but that would mean to let most people in the dark as to how they can collaborate for making subtitles, and then we wold have to manually upload all the subtitles they make, to our website or somewhere else. We don't want to centralize this. We want for anyone to create/edit the subtitles for this video. In all, we apologize for using Amara and we are looking for a trade-free alternative. We do not want to remove the option to easily create subtitles for this video by removing Amara altogether. It would not be fair for the volunteers who work on subtitling the video. We recommend for anyone to install the UBlock Origin and the Privacy Badger Firefox addons so that these trackers are blocked, not only here, but on every other website they visit.

That should be it!

In rare cases the desktop will break to the point of you seeing a “Oh no! Something has gone wrong!” message and your desktop will be completely messed up. To avoid that there is a very “safe” way for you to update. So, if you didn’t update the “normal” way to Gnome 3.26 yet, then press CTRL + ALT + F3. You will see a black screen (we call this TTY). Put in your username, enter. Then password and enter. Now you have to add this command line: sudo pacman -Syyu. The update should proceed now. After it is done write “reboot” in the same black screen and enter. After reboot you will probably see the above errors that we explain how to fix.

Don’t panic!

TROMjaro has inbuilt system backups before every update so in the worst case scenario you can open Timeshift (from your apps section) and choose to restore your system. If you can’t even access Timeshift you can always access the TTY  (see above how) and restore from there with: sudo timeshift –restore. And follow the instructions.

We hope no more such problems!

The less extensions that we add, the less the probability for such things to happen. We currently have less extensions, totaling just 8. We will try to make sure these ones won’t break the system for the next updates. We want TROMjaro to be used by moms and sons, by dads and lads, and by anyone out there in a seamless way without worrying that updates will break the system. In 95% or more of the cases updates will be perfectly fine, but once in a while they may cause problems. Do not be scared to make updates, we are always available via our live chat for support. A new April TROMjaro iso will be released in a few days time, with these fixes in place.


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