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In 2007, my brother bought a MacBook Pro that I’ve been using since about 2014. It was already 8 years old but it still worked great. But in 2016, I started to notice the effects of planned obsolescence: the CD-ROM started malfunctioning, it would suddenly turn off and emit a beep that could only be stopped by forcing the shutdown. The apps could easily take 5-7 minutes to open, and there were a few other problems.

The big surprise came when I decided to take the step and change to the TROMjaro (linux) operating system: My computer now works as fast as it did on the first day, it doesn’t crash, the system is very intuitive and it didn’t take me any time to get used to, since I have access to everything I used for my daily work and much more- for free and with much more privacy compared to other operating systems. 🙂

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