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TROM Backup Server

We had a 10-15 year old computer around – Pentium 4 (2 cores) and 4 GB of DDR2 + an integrated Intel (old) graphic card. We also had 1 very old and huge (as in physical size) HDD (that makes loud noises) + 2 of 1TB external HDD + 1 of 320GB external HDD. So, we combined them all, and made a new computer using a TV we had at the rental place. We installed TROM-Jaro and worked perfectly with all of the hardware, including an old bluetooth keyboard/mouse (all in one).

It is so amazing that TROM-Jaro (thanks to Linux of course), worked out of the box. The fact that it also had Syncthing installed, made it a click away to create a backup server. How? Simply syncing our computers (folders) with this new computer that its sole purpose is to copy (sync) files. So, now say we have this massive TROM folder with all of the TROM files in-it. We have it on 1 computer that also syncs to this new “server”, so in case one fails, we have a backup. And it is all automated! That’s how we put old hardware for good use! 🙂 And no expert knowledge to do that. Sycnthing is as easy to use as Dropbox.

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