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With the code base of Manjaro Linux and the graphical user environments GNOME, KDE and Xfce, this distribution represents a stable and powerful operating system from the Arch family. What distinguishes TROMjaro from its origin (and all other distributions) are the ethical principles to which the development team is committed. The way of thinking which goes beyond software is described with the attribute Trade Free and explained in detail on the website tromsite.de (the official German information platform of the TROM project).

In TROMjaro, inclusions with commercial contact points have been consistently removed, which is why support for Snap (Snap Store) is missing. However, the Arch User Repository (AUR) is activated by default and the project offers some self-developed and promising applications for free use. After installation, TROMjaro presents itself in a modern and uniform design. While tools for system maintenance and adjustments are completely available, there are only a few pre-installed applications. In this respect, users have unrestricted freedom of choice, supported by an excellent graphical installation tool. The project’s website provides a wealth of information and instructions, mainly in the form of videos.


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