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Why Riot?

Complete Communication

Chat, exchange files, make voice or video calls and conferences, add bots.

Enjoy classic chat app features, plus embed apps to share and collaborate in both a private or business context.

Own your own data

With Riot, you’re in control of your own information.

Riot is built on Matrix, and like email, multiple services can talk to each other, and like email you can use services you trust or host your own.


Private conversations can be end-to-end encrypted, so that only you and the other participant(s) can read them.

No one else can read, monetise or compromise your data — secured by the best encryption methods available.


Riot is open source, meaning that anyone can audit it, and customise it. You know what you get.

It also means that you can move away from the server on which you are registered and migrate to another you trust more if needed.


Unlike other apps, Riot allows you to bridge beyond your borders. Stop juggling different apps for different teams, suppliers and networks by bridging other services, like Slack and IRC. Built with Matrix, others can chat with you using other Matrix clients if they prefer, and you can use bots, integrations and other services from the global open source Matrix ecosystem.

1 thought on “Riot

  1. We are using Riot for TROM as the main direct communication tool. The fact that it is trade-free and you can send files, call, create teams, search through history and files, add widgets like shared documents or Jitsi, makes it beyond perfect for managing teams.

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